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Hunting Season, Deer Heads, and a GIVEAWAY

Hunting season is officially upon us, friends. While I, myself, don't do any hunting (though, that will change one year!), Mark is ready for the thrill once again. Venison is our number one source of meat on this homestead. And while hunting is certainly exciting, it's also mandatory.

We've had it all—venison meatloaf, venison fajitas, venison burgers, venison tacos, venison roast, venison venison venison....

And while hunting for sport isn't necessarily first and foremost each year, most years are always started out with "I hope I see a big one."

Last year was a hard hunting year. Because the weather was so warm in Virginia, it kept my dear husband busy with work. We don't complain around here when there is work to be done—especially when you're self-employed. He was able to go into the woods a few times, saw a few nice bucks that got away—don't they all? 

But one morning—the very last morning of rifle season—he awoke early, kissed me good-bye and said, "pray I see that big one today". 

I prayed. I prayed my little heart out. Not because we needed meat (we were already given a lot of meat from our in-laws because they don't eat a lot of venison). Not because I just wanted him to get a deer. But because I just knew he wanted "a big one". The year before last was the first year he'd gotten a buck nice enough to put on the wall. 

Well, this past year, he brought home an even better one.

This deer is now proudly mounted on our wall beside his other "big one" that didn't get away.

Mounting a deer is expensive, though. In fact, it's not really something we'll make a practice of. But if you have a hunter in your family, you know just how important it is to display the antlers of their prize from that season. Or, maybe they just enjoy hunting for shedded antlers.

There's a less expensive, and super awesome, option. And it's a great option for Christmas gifts as well.

Hunter—owner of U.S. Skull Hunter here in Virginia—and my husband go back a few years. Hunter recently decided to start his own business to share his talent with the world.

We recently took a deer skull to him that we'd had sitting around for a few years. He hand crafted every detail on the skull, and we were incredibly impressed with his raw talent.

Hunter recently took the next plunge into his business endeavor and has begun creating replica skulls for antler displays (whether from your kill or sheds you've found).

We've decided to team up with Hunter and bring one of these incredible replica's to you for free in an excellent giveaway below!

The photos in this blog post are not of the replica that you'll be entering to win, but of the actual deer skull that we had carved.

We believe in Hunter's skill and product line so much, that we are absolutely ecstatic to bring this giveaway to the hunters that follow our blog posts and videos on YouTube.

Here Are The Details

Signed and numbered replica of U.S. Skull Hunter's European whitetail deer “Don’t Tread On Me” carving design. This replica is of a medium to large whitetail with pedicles (the base of the antlers where they connect with the skull) measuring 15/16th of an inch. The replica will be cast out of resin and is a replica of an actual deer skull that I have hand carved and will be stained by Hunter himself. Mount your own trophy antlers or sheds directly to the replica skull via built in studs. Mounting is very easy and requires minimal effort.

The winner will also receive a custom cedar plaque to mount the replica skull on, an optional metal wall hanging mounting bracket, a certificate of authenticity, a U.S. Skull Hunter t-shirt, a window decal, and a 15% coupon for any product/service of U.S. Skull HunterAll replica mounts come with antler mounting instructions. 


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