Herbs & Essential Oils on the Homestead {Webinar}

Holistic remedies are really what launched me onto the wonderful journey of homesteading. When my son was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 13 months, I knew that pumping his little body full of three different medicines each day wasn't something I wanted to do to keep him healthy and alive. I began researching every single herbal remedy I could find, and quickly came across many herbs and essential oils that helped him. Along with a change in diet and cleaner living (including chickens and other barnyard animals!), his health changed, and now—six years later—he no longer suffers from asthma and has completely outgrown it. 

Ever since then, sharing knowledge and information about holistic remedies and EOs has been a passion of mine. But more importantly, how to safely incorporate them into your life. We use herbs on a regular basis, and some EOs as well.

Join me in this webinar as I share more experiences like this, how to help heal your body, and how to incorporate herbs and EOs into your life in the safest way possible.

What You'll Learn

✔ My personal journey with herbs and essential oils.
✔ The history of herbs and essential oils.
✔ How to use herbs and essential oils SAFELY.
✔ How to create your own herbal remedies cabinet/kit for your family and your animals.
✔ My favorite herbs and essential oils on and around our homestead.
✔ How to weave herbs and essential oils into good animal husbandry.
✔ Where I buy my herbs (organic) and essential oils.
✔ How to get started using herbs and essential oils (safely).

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Just grab a cup of coffee (or herbal tea!), and sit back and enjoy a relaxed chat with me on the morning of Tuesday November 1st, at 9 am EST.

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