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The Whole30 | In the beginning...

As many of my regular readers know, I have been on a weightloss journey for the past 8 months or more now. It began with exercising more often, being more active. Throwing out most of the processed foods I eat, and eating much cleaner—real food!

Since my journey, my parents came on board with healthy living and have, combined, lost over 60 lbs. between the two of them. How amazing are they!? I am so happy to see them happier and living a healthier lifestyle. Me? I've only lost 11 lbs. But I have also been working out and building muscle.

The next step in my weightloss journey that I wanted to take in this new year was to do the Whole30 cleanse. It's really only something you have to do for 30 days, but many people choose to make it their lifestyle indefinitely after the 30 days. I don't foresee myself doing that....let's face it, I love food. However, I'm making this next step happen so that my body can jump start and heal itself now that we are past the holidays and into the new year.

And so, my sister decided to join me on this Whole30 journey, and for the next 30 days (started Feb 1, ending March 2) we will dedicate our eating habits to the Whole30 method. Which brings me to the next point...what is Whole30? If you aren't familiar, keep reading....

What is Whole30?

I'm sure that Whole30 could mean something different for each person who begins the Whole30 journey, but for me, it's basically a refresher. You are taking several main items in the human diet and eliminating them for 30 days. These foods are things that can cause inflammation, gut issues, and more. By eliminating them for 30 days, you allow your body to heal and come up to speed.

What Can't You Eat?

You cannot eat:

• Dairy: of any kind. No cheese, butter (unless it is clarified or ghee), milk, or anything containing dairy in it.

• Beans or Legumes: sorry, they might be good for your heart, but they are one of those things that could inhibit your gut from healing. 

• Soy products: just because you're going healthy, doesn't mean soy is healthy for you. In fact, avoid it at all cost. Even after the Whole30.

• Sugar: Not even honey. While I understand that honey is a natural source of sugar, it is, in fact, a source of sugar. Even too much of a natural thing can be a bad thing. You are eliminating all sugar from your body these next 30 days. If you are used to eating sugar or honey, your body will detox over these next 30 days. Most likely in the form of evening headaches.

• Grains: You cannot have any kind of grain. Even if it's "good for you"!

• Alcohol: Kill me now. I need my wine, but I can't have it during these 30 days. (I really don't, just being funny)

What Can You Eat?

The list of things you CAN eat are much longer than the list of things you CAN'T eat. However, my biggest obstacle is going to be dairy.

• Meat: grass-fed and organic preferably.

• Eggs: pastured are best

• Vegetables: and fill up on them too. East as many as you want!

• Fruit: yum

• Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes: yep, you read that right!

• Tree nuts and seeds

• Healthy Fats: such as Avocado, nuts, coconut meat, olives.

• Cooking fats: but not butter. So you can use Avocado oil, animals fats, clarified butter, ghee, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil.

For those of you who don't remember, the below photo is when I started my weightloss journey, and the second photo was 6 months into it. These photos were NOT during the Whole30, since I am just beginning. I wasn't trying to lose 60 lbs in 6 months. I've simply been working at this slowly and at my own pace, so that I know my body will keep it off!

I actually ended up gaining 3 or 4 lbs back from the 11 lbs I lost, simply because I didn't exercise for an entire month. I could make up the excuse that the holidays got to me and I simply didn't have time to work out with work and homesteading and homeschooling and...and...and....

But while they would be totally acceptable and true statements, they are still just an excuse.

So, here is my new photo, for the BEGINNING of this Whole30 journey.

I'll keep track of the things I eat for the next 30 days, take weekly photos, and I've also taken my measurements so that I can compare them at the end. 

I'll also be doing a video on our YouTube channel with my sister at the end of the 30 days...it's going to be great!!