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The Great Boot Dilemma

When we first started this entire homesteading fiasco, it all started with chickens. Apparently, it's a right of passage to buy mud boots when you first get chickens. So, I headed off to our local farm store to find the cutest pair of boots I could find.

Cute doesn't pay the bills though, and in less than 3 weeks they were already so "broken in" that they were busting at the seams.

And so began "The Great Boot Dilemma", where I do this dance with a beautiful pair of boots, only to fall in love with them and have them rip open at the seams on a cold rainy day. Listen, a foot way down in a boot caked in mud is not for the faint of heart. Especially when you're out doing chores right before heading off to town.

I have spent two years debating on what boots to purchase. I figured that instead of buying the $20 boots, I'd just splurge and buy a $100 pair of expensive name brand boots. You know, where you're just paying for the name.

These boots didn't work....
But I digressed. I could not bring myself to pay over $100 for a pair of boots that I wasn't even sure would work. So, instead, Mountain Man headed out to the farm store and brought home a beautiful pair of boots. He sat them down on the table and said, "here, you need these".  My eyes shot through him like daggers. Why on earth did you buy these boots?! I did love them, I really did. They were so comfortable when I first tried them on. But as Mountain Man and I both looked at them, and looked at each other, we threw them back in the box and took them back to the store. 

Here's the issue....

About 10 years ago, the boots he purchased use to be made in the U.S.A. They aren't anymore.

The boots he purchased use to come with a lifetime warranty (or at least a 1 year warranty). Now they did not. 

So there was nothing. There was no guarantee. He simply spent $125 on a name. Now don't get me wrong, I love that name, and I love their products. But for us, it just wasn't feasible at the time.

So we strolled into the farm store about an hour after he bought them, only to return them. The poor girl at the register looked at us like we were crazy, but she totally understood. That's what I love about our small town farm store.

I went up and down the boot aisle. My brain just couldn't handle the options. I mean, c'mon, these are boots for heaven's sake. Why is this even a story!? But it was. It was so incredibly important to me to put my time and money into something that not only worked and held up in mucky situations, but also support a company in my own backyard.

I had almost given up hope and I was about to cave on another $20 pair of boots, when one of the farm store girls walked up and said, "have you checked out the Slogger chicken boots yet?" Well of course I haven't. Aren't they outrageously priced too? I mean, I had seen them all over Facebook and the internet from my favorite chicken people, I had just assumed they were. 

She showed me to the Slogger section and there were only a few pairs of these gloriously adorable boots left. I. had. to. have. them. And then she said it....

They are made in the U.S.A, and they are only $30 to $40.

Sweet Jesus, I could have kissed her. But I didn't, because that would have been weird.

I grabbed the last pair of yellow chicken boots (because clearly these things were rolling off the shelves and I couldn't resist), strolled to the front, paid the lady, and slipped those puppies on as soon as my butt hit the truck seat. The heavens opened, the sun was shining (not really, it was raining), and I knew I had found the boots I would love for forever.

But as with anything, they had to be put to the test. I had not gone a month with one pair of boots, not a single month. The best part is that my local farm store had a guarantee on these boots, so if anything happened to them, they would replace them.

Well, it has been well over 5 months now, and they are still working just as well as they did the day I bought them. I've been ankle deep in mud. I've cleaned out coops and hutches in the pouring rain. I've walked through 4 inches of rushing water...and the list goes on.

These. boots. are. awesome.

And I'm not just saying it, I'm testifying to it!

Dear Sloggers,

Thank you. Thank you for creating a boot that can withstand this homesteader's life. Thank you for creating an adorable boot that was made right here in the USA. Thank you, Sloggers, for not putting a high price tag on it just because of your name. 

Thank you, thank you thank you,


A Homesteader Who Has Bought One Too Many Crappy Boots

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