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Dear Overwhelmed Work-at-Home Mama

Dear Overwhelmed Work-at-Home Mama,

I understand you more than you realize, because I feel that feeling too. More often than people might think.

You get it often, "how do you do it all," or "you are super mom". But little do people realize that it just fuels our guilt that happens behind the scenes. The laundry that piles up certain days of the week. The work that needs to get done on the computer. The fact that your TV just babysat your child because you had to unexpectedly take an hour long conference call with a client, right after you told your child you'd play that board game with them....or read that book that you've both been trying to get to for 2 weeks now.

I know that feeling of crying into a kitchen towel as you dry dishes, so that your little one won't hear you breaking down....even if just for 5 minutes.

I know that feeling when you lose it and want to just jump in your car and drive for 15 minutes, just so you can have some alone time. After daddy gets home, of course.

I know that feeling of anger when people say "but this is what you wanted". No, this isn't what we "wanted". We wanted to be stay at home moms, not work at home moms or moms who have too much on their plates. We simply want to raise our babies and teach them to live a good and moral life. But somehow, that's never enough in society. Yes, it takes work, hard work, to raise these precious souls. We are all for pulling our sleeves up and pouring into their lives. It's when we are at home, right beside them, and yet we don't have time to pour all that we want to into their lives. That's what we didn't "want".

Your heart gets overwhelmed. You have a 5 minute pity party. You pick yourself up and you move on because you don't have a choice.....until the next month....and then you'll do it all over again. You'll get over it, you'll laugh at yourself because of how silly those feelings were now that the overwhelming part of it is over. And you'll promise to never ever speak of it to anyone.

But you're raw. You're real. Those feelings you had, no matter how silly you think they are now....they were real too.

Don't feel guilty.

Don't feel like nothing you ever do is ever good enough. Goodness is in the eye of the beholder. In fact, the mere evidence that you are trying your best to make life work is good all in itself. Don't feel useless. If not you, you can guarantee no one else would be doing it -- the laundry, the phone calls, the school work. No matter how much people complain about the way it is or isn't done.

Don't feel offended when someone diminishes your "job" called motherhood. And if you have a work at home job (like me) on top of motherhood, don't let them diminish that either. Honey, you ARE freaking super woman.....own it.

It doesn't matter though. You probably tell yourself all of the good things after you've had your pity party, because it clicks and you feel good and vibrant....moving on. But that feeling comes back eventually. Overwhelmed. Inconsistent. Useless. Pitiful. Not good enough. You should do more.....you could do better....


Every single one of them are lies.

Why? Because this "overwhelming" feeling....it was defeated at the cross.

You don't have to fight it. You don't have to battle it. In fact, don't. Hand it off.

Why hold on to feelings and wallow in a heavy heart when it has already been defeated by someone so much more capable than you?

Simplify your life, mama. For the good of yourself and the good of your child...your family. And if you still feel overwhelmed, it's a heart issue, not a time issue. Lay your heart before the King. Let Him strip it  and break those pieces off that block out your shine. And when you pick it back up again, leave the old feelings and pieces behind.

I won't say you won't ever feel them again. I won't say that they don't creep up sometimes...but never own them. Never allow them to make a home in your heart again. Because the fact of the matter is that overwhelming feeling and the glorification of being "busy" are worldly things. And if we are not of this world, why should we embrace them?

He never said it would be easy, but He promised us we would never ever walk alone. Ever.

Mama, you are not alone. You never have been, and you never will be.

Dear Overwhelmed Work-at-Home Mom.....maybe those things you feel guilty about need to be shifted around. Maybe they should come first now......work can wait a little longer or of another day. For it is far easier to patch up dirty knees and tears than it is to mend an adult heart. And children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.


An Overwhelmed Work-at-Home Mom