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{Weightloss Journey} Non-scale Victories and the Second Month

This weightloss journey has been incredible. I mean, literally, I just want to scream from the mountaintops how amazing I am feeling right now. My most drastic change happened in the first 4 weeks. It was so motivating to watch my body change right before my eyes. When I was skinny, I used to look at myself and think of how fat I was (10 years ago). And now that I'm going from being overweight to losing weight, I keep looking at these weekly photos and think "wow, look how skinny I'm getting and how much my body is changing!". Granted, I'm still hefty, HA! But that's beside the point. You don't understand how much these little victories have really motivated me.

So, in this second month of weightloss I've become a bit more lenient. I had a work deadline that needed to be met and this past week was my lovely "time of the month". That is why my belly is slightly pudgey in the last photo above for "week 7". I had planned on waiting until week 8 to take another photo, but I needed some motivation.

I've noticed some new changes in my body. 

My arms are getting toned and more muscular. I've always been very self-conscious about my arms. The little cellulite ripples are also gone off of my arms. Big victory there! My shoulders are now defined and my bat wing arms are starting to shrink -- another big task of mine.

My face is starting to slim down, a lot.

My butt is shrinking, but it also has this brand new firmness to it. Husband doesn't mind it one bit. In fact, that's the one thing he originally said that he had hoped I wouldn't lose. But now, I'm making him a believer.

My legs have shred the fat and are much more muscular and athletic looking. I've always had thick thighs, even when I was skinny. I used to be very active, even when we first got married. I would jog (yes, jog) a mile every day. That muscle never goes away in your upper legs. And I can see it coming back now!

My back fat rolls are gone. Almost completely. A smooth back is something I have longed for for far too long!

My belly is steadily shrinking. Its size and shape changes, daily. But ultimately, it changes as it shrinks. The bulk of my fat is stored in my belly, and losing belly fat is my biggest goal because the fat accumulates around my internal organs. This can cause infertility, which I believe has been my biggest culprit to my own infertility.

My feet have gotten smaller. I would have never imagined my feet would shrink, but they have. I actually have gaps between my toes. Say what!?

Left is week 1, right is week 7,

left is week 1, right is week 7.

I haven't really been weighing myself on a regular basis. I never lose weight quickly, but clearly I've lost inches. I also haven't measured my inches this month, because I just want to focus on being healthy, not the numbers.

With that said, in the beginning I lost 10 lbs. on the scale. I was thrilled. But as I continued working out, I started gaining muscle, so the scale went back up 10 lbs. It normally would have discouraged me and made me quit. But I continued to press through it, realizing that muscle weighs more than fat, and eventually it would all even out.

Well, it is finally evening out. I am almost back down to that first 10 lb milestone, and I am thrilled!

Here are some of the non-scale victories I have had in the past month.

My husband has started losing weight. That's right, it makes me the happiest girl in the entire world and yet it has nothing to do with me (well, not completely). He had a blood pressure scare about 2 weeks ago (long story, but it wasn't fun), and his weight needs to come off. In the past 2 weeks he has been eating vegetables...VEGETABLES!! You don't have any idea how rare this is for him. He has been eating salads for lunch and he now craves healthy food. Amazing!! He has lost a lot of weight, but has also not weighed himself. However, he has gone from a size XXL t-shirt to a size XL -- yay!!

My tight t-shirts finally fit. They were my favorite Target t-shirts. I love Target's t-shirts, they fit so nice. But my fat rolls always poke out in places they shouldn't.

I've noticed myself in store cameras. Yes, you know you look at yourself in those camera screens at the store. Normally, I would take a quick glimpse and about cry because I was so overweight. But this past week I walked into the grocery store and did a double take "is that me? in a tight t-shirt that just 1 month ago didn't fit?!" Yes, that was me, and I was happy.

My husband has really noticed my weight loss.  And has cheered me on through it. For the very first time in the past 9 years of our marriage, I've stuck with this. I've always said "I need to lose weight" but have never lasted past 2 weeks. The other morning while I was getting dressed, he wrapped his arms around my waist before I got my shirt on and complimented how small my stomach is getting. Do you know how good that makes a girl feel? Pretty darn good. Which leads me to my next non-scale victory....

I've become more confident and less miserable in my own skin. Oh my, was I miserable. I mean, I literally felt like I was about to burst at times from being so "big". The confidence boost from my husband and the fact that I can see little changes is incredible...it's definitely motivating!

I had to buy new workout pants and a new sports bra. My sports bra was too big because my back rolls are no longer there to hold it up. I bought a new, fancy sports bra the other day....an actual sports name brand! And I didn't feel awkward strolling through the fitness aisle to buy new workout pants. Normally I feel like people would make fun of me because I'm overweight trying to buy workout clothes, but not this time....no way.

My bathing suit fits. Sweet Jesus, it actually fits from last year. Last year it was way too tight, this year, it is perfect!

My self-control has been incredible. Seeing as it's one of the fruits of the Spirit, my self-control with food and exercise has spilled over into other parts of my life as well. God is so amazing!

I've realized that losing weight and being healthy truly is a mind issue, not a body issue. Yes, I just went there. If you've been wanting to lose weight but keep saying "you can't" (and if there's no medical reason you can't), then it's a mind issue, not a body issue. You know what's amazing? I haven't stepped foot into a gym or used our home gym system. Not once. I haven't gone vegetarian or stressed about what I eat. I simply eat less, eat real food, snack when I need something sweet, and MOVE. I move all over the house all day long with my Jawbone UPmove. If I didn't have this thing to track my steps I would have never realized how little I actually moved during the day. My biggest weight loss success can be attributed to just moving more and being more active. That's it!!

I say "that's it", but this journey truly started in the mind. I was tired of being tired. I was tired of feeling like a failure. I was tired of being overweight. I was tired of nothing fitting me right and never looking professional or put together when I needed to be. I was exhausted from thinking about it. I wanted to be a young, vibrant mother...not the fat one who can't keep up with everyone. I wanted more kids and to be able to keep up with them. And I wanted to do it all for me...not for anyone else.

I started by praying, a lot. And renewing my mind with His word. I knew I needed self-control, so I prayed diligently and simply started practicing it in little things. But honestly, it was a work of God. The more I prayed and sought His face, one day, self-control was just there. It was a total change of heart and mind, and what an incredible experience it was.

Next, I put self-control into action. Throwing up the bad stuff (including negative people) and keeping the good. Growing the good. Seeking the good. I committed to not allow negative thoughts to enter my mind about this journey. I encouraged others to go on this journey with me. Some have stuck with it, others have not. They just aren't ready yet...there hasn't been that mind change for them.

Now that I have persevered these past 7 weeks, I can look back and see it has not only been a weight loss journey, but a heart journey. My heart has changed so much, and so many things in our home life have changed for the greater good. Our attitudes have changed, our lives has changed. Praise the Lord!

And my biggest motivator has been Pinterest. Yep, that's right, Pinterest. Not only has my mindset changed in my personal life, it has changed online as well. I used to go on Pinterest to pass the time away. Now, I actually get on there to be motivated and to look for ideas to do things with. And actually do them. Whoa, talk about a wake up call.

All of these weight loss quotes have really pushed me, however. They have kept me going on the days when I felt like I want to be lazy. They hype me up and I just want to run a mile after looking at my "For When I'm Skinny" Pinterest board.

...and they are true.....so true.

Sorry for the long winded blog, but it's been rolling around inside of me for 3 weeks now and I just had to let it all out. Consider it my weight loss journal!! :)