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The Great Nitrates/Nitrites Debate -- Hot Dogs and Lunch Meat

Last week I made the mistake of clicking on the wrong name in my facebook search menu. I don't understand why people's names pop up when they aren't even your friend on facebook. Ugh, make the madness stop.


It just so happens that this person was going on a rampage about hot-dogs and how good they are for you, and that non-gmo organic chemical free people are full of you know what. And for lack of better words, stupid and "lack intelligence".

Let me first start by saying that it's true, people do lack intelligence...on both sides. Most people don't even know what GMO stands for. Do you? If not, you should get on that right now if you're for or against it.

So the questions were: Are hotdogs bad for you? and Are nitrates and nitrites bad for you?

Long story short, yes. When eaten in excess and when it is unnaturally man made, they are bad for you.

Are they going to kill you? Probably not. However, CDC studies have been done on lab animals and these animals did develop cancer after being exposed to excessive nitrates (stay with me, I'll tell you why).

Do we still eat them? Yes, occasionally we do. But when we do, we purchase organic hot dogs/meat with no ADDED nitrates/nitrites. ADDED is the key word here.

Nitrates/Nitrites happen naturally in nature. They are in vegetables and fruits, but are added to meats to help keep them fresh when cured or processed. This is why we ask that our meat at the butcher not be processed with nitrates when we butcher a hog. And they comply. And guess what, bacon tastes like bacon either way. Amen.

Nitrates/nitrites that are in nature are not bad for you. But they are not what is added to your meat and hot dogs. Sodium nitrate is what is added to your processed and store meats. And sodium nitrate is extremely bad for you. When sodium nitrate is heated, it can become a nitrosamine, and these are carcinogenic. Sodium nitrates have been linked to increase your chances of getting cancer by 21% for every 50 gram serving of processed meat you eat (if you eat it everyday). This includes cold cut meats, hot dogs, store bought ham, etc. This means that people who eat a hot dog every day (or cold cut sandwiches everyday) have a 21 percent higher risk of cancer than if they never eat them. With that said, that is not a lot more than people who never eat those things. The significance is something that you yourself need to make a decision on.

I think there's a bigger issue here, however. And it has nothing to do with the nitrates/nitrites or hot dogs. Have you seen how most meats are processed? Do you know what goes into them and what touches them during that process? Hot dogs are made out of "trimmings" from leftover pork, chicken and beef. Those trimmings typically come from animals living in confined, filthy situations. Your meat. Most are not fed organically and live a life filled with antibiotics and growth hormones. It's "fast food" at its finest. Antibiotics in your meat are then going into your body, making your body even more resistant to antibiotics, which cause super bugs and outbreaks.

Next, have you seen the ingredients of the things they put into hot dogs? Move over nitrates, hello high sodium and unnaturally based chemicals. Corn syrup (in my hot dog!?), MSG, carmine (a dye from the shells of small beetles, boiled in ammonia or sodium carbonate), and they are cooked in casings derived from the intestinal tract of farm animals, dissolved cowhides, or plant/animal based cellulose. This is all common information that you can find online.

Garden fresh tomatoes -- no chemicals, completely organic.

Listen, there's nothing wrong with hot dogs or cold cuts, as long as you know whats in them and where they are coming from. Honestly, the risk isn't extremely high. But please understand that it's not just hot dogs, it's all processed items. It's the chemicals sprayed on your meat that you then ingest. It's the chemicals sprayed on the vegetables you buy from the store. Those guys wear masks for a reason when they spray them. Why? Because it is proven to cause cancer. Look on the back of any Monsanto "weed be gone" regimen and you'll see it clearly stated.

There is a reason the cancer rates are so much higher and more common now than 100 years ago. A few processed things here and there are fine -- but if your entire diet is filled with processed foods, there's an issue...and you'll find out soon enough.

Please, don't call someone "uneducated" and "crazy" when all you've done is use a google search engine to prove your point...or lack thereof....that people who choose a simpler life and a life filled with less chemicals don't have any idea what they are talking about, and that if the government says it's ok, then it must be ok! pfffff!

EDUCATE YOURSELVES, PEOPLE!!! Don't just go off of a friends rampage google search to try and make an uneducated point! Get your nose into books. Seek out people who are truly submerged in this all day everyday, the knowledge they can offer is unlike any other.

Here are some interesting resources:

American Institute for Cancer Research report:http://preventcancer.aicr.org/site/News2…

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