Sometimes Not Being "All Natural" is Ok

Over the past few years we have been trying to be a little more organic and all natural, and a lot less processed and chemical-y. Yeah, I know that's not really a word. In the past 2 years, we've really taken a step towards a more natural approach of living a healthy lifestyle. We are the kombucha drinkers, homemade soap and shampoo users, coconut oil pulling freaks that the internet warns you about. We raise our own food (though not nearly all of it) and would be happier with 10 acres than our mere 1/2 acre, but we'll get there one day.

I've taken a lot of pride in getting my family onto the right track when it comes to what we put in, on and around our bodies. I have been able to tell a difference in how I feel and look, and it makes my heart happy knowing that we are living more closely to the way that nature intended us to.

However, there are days I miss certain things in my life. 

I'm a simple soul -- I use fake flowers to decorate my house, for goodness sake. But I love the simplicity.

But I have missed my silky smooth hair, even if it's a fake smooth. I don't want brittle lemon smelling hair.

I have missed my Bath & Body Works lotion -- yes, I miss smelling like Honeysuckle and Coconut.

I have missed those "dress up and look pretty" days, because I rarely wear make-up anymore.

And so, two weeks ago, I bought the healthiest shampoo and conditioner I could find at the grocery store. I blow dried my hair and couldn't stop running my fingers through it. Hello, beautiful silkiness. I have missed you.

I bought 5 bottles of Bath & Body Works lotion, one for every season and an extra. I slathered my entire body in it (not all 5 bottles!) after my evening shower. It was a breath of fresh air, considering I smelled like a barnyard before the shower. Now, I smelled like a girl....

I put cute clothes on the other morning, did my hair and make-up....just because. I painted my toes and finger nails, too. I was reminded why I never wear makeup, because it's just not beneficial when you're sweating your tail off while cleaning out a chicken coop. My nail polish was almost gone in 24 hours, and my toes were covered in dirt. But I felt beautiful, none-the-less.

iphone photo -- my shoes left little dirt circles!

And while these aren't things I plan on doing every single day or even every single week -- they are things that I needed. Because even though he thinks I'm beautiful with or without makeup. Because even though he says I'm beautiful whether I'm covered in dirt and grime or dressed to impress. Because even though he puts his arms around me and tells me how much he loves me no matter

....sometimes I have to do the things that make me feel beautiful. 

And my it good for a girls soul. 

Sometimes not being "all natural" all of the time is ok. 

And I have to remind myself of that often. Even too much of a good thing can become an obstacle in your life. Sometimes it's ok to indulge and use things sparingly. And for me, that means silky smooth hair and fragrance filled lotion....

...and darn it...that's ok.


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