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10 Things to Buy Your Homesteading Mom for Mother's Day

I always love shopping online for myself. I mean, c'mon, what girl (and especially mom) doesn't?! But I also enjoy leaving little hints behind for Mountain Man. In an attempt to help not only Mountain Man, but husbands all around the world, I've sacrificed my time to put together lists over the past year of "Things to Buy" your homesteader. Yes, it has been such a huge sacrifice for me to get on here and shop online, and then talk about the things I want, or..er....need, and then share them with all of you. Wow, what a bummer.... ;)

So for all of you fella's out there -- this one is for you. Whether your "other half" is expecting her first baby, or she's the mother of 10, all homesteading moms want some of the same things. Here are 10 Things to Buy Your Homesteading Mom for Mother's Day.....minus the flowers, chocolate, etc....those are a given.

Here are 10 Things to Buy Your Homesteading Mom for Mother's Day:

1. Seeds of the Month Club

For as little as $3.99 a month, you receive 8 packages of seeds tailored to your climate and season each and every month in the mail from the Seeds of the Month Club.. I'll tell you what, I would absolutely love this subscription!! This is perfect for the gardening mom or the mom who wants to be more self-sufficient.

An online herbal course through the Herbal Academy of New England would really be a great option for mom if  she's into learning more about herbs and how to use them in the garden, medicinally, around the homestead, or when cooking. While you're at it, maybe you should get her a gift certificate to the Bulk Herb Store or Mountain Rose Herbs (one of my favorites)!

I know, it seems really simple and dainty, but I haven't met a mom who doesn't love these flour sack towels! Granted, they shouldn't be the ONLY thing you buy mom, but they would be a great addition to whatever you purchase for her.

My sister made a bird nest necklace for me not that long ago, and I absolutely adore it. It is just another beautiful way for mom to showcase her babies -- those on earth and in heaven. Each necklace can be customized with colors and initials. You can inquire more on my sisters website, The Rustic Mod, or by searching for a designer on Etsy.

This gathering apron from Reformation Acres is a must have in every homestead moms pantry. It's wonderful for the kitchen, but it's especially useful in the garden and when doing chores. I love mine! I bought the chocolate roses pattern.

My all time favorite magazine is Mother Earth News. It is packed full of all kinds of important information for any homesteader. From gardening and canning, to livestock and all natural living -- it truly is a guide to living wisely.

This cream isn't just good for eczema and psoriasis, it's great for everyday moisturizing. For dry and cracked hands from doing chores, to simple pampering. The manuka honey in this cream is an incredible healing agent and is very sought after. This is a non-medicated, all natural cream -- which is perfect for the all natural mom. The best part is that you can order this and get it just in time for Mother's Day if you are running behind.

I need a pair of these in my life, just sayin'. They are perfect for cleaning out the chicken coop, gardening, or helping the homestead fella's put in fence posts. They are heavy duty, but light weight enough not to restrict movement. Great for the Spring and Summer months!

9. A Spa Day

Yes, I just went there. No, it is not a cliche`. Every woman loves a nice massage or spa day -- all expenses paid. And it's even more fun when her friend can go with her! Homestead moms do a lot around the homestead, around the house, and within life. She deserves a spa day! Find a highly recommended local spa or resort nearby or in the next town over and support your locals.

And last but not least......

10. Time With You

Sometimes, Mom just wants time with you -- her man and her babies. Sometimes the best thing you can give mom on Mother's Day is a little time to herself, and a lot of quality and quantity time with the ones she loves the most. You are her all, and her everything. Don't doubt for one second that she doesn't want to be with the one's she loves on the day set aside to celebrate her!

Mom wants to know that she "still has it", that she's appreciated, and that she is loved unconditionally this Mother's Day -- don't forget the simple and important things.

...oh, and don't forget the card!

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