{Weekly Homestead Favorites} From Your Homesteads {3/1/15 to 3/9/15}

We often share photos of our own homestead, but more often than not, I find myself looking at photos from other peoples homesteads. And I absolutely love it. So many of our facebook followers don't have homestead pages, but have gorgeous photos, as do the fellow homestead bloggers. There are so many stories to tell, and the online community of homesteaders is growing daily -- it's so important to help each other out by teaching, sharing, learning, and being kind.

Which brings us to our very first "Weekly Homestead Favorites" blog post. These are some of our favorite photos from YOUR homesteads these past 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy them!

This photo from Mellifera Homestead is such an amazing reminder that Spring is right around the corner. Here's the story that went along with it. "We wanted to share this picture that we took in our hoop greenhouse this weekend while Culpeper, VA was getting hit with that snow storm. We are experimenting with growing food over the winter and this was our first large turnip harvest. It was crazy tramping through the snow to a little oasis of green!"
Coop in the snow! We certainly know how that feels this year here in VA. Beautiful share from Wendy over at 10 Acres and 6 Chicks.

The two photos above are my absolute favorite out of the past two weeks. Clearly, Mandi over at Our Life Out Here has a love for photography just like I do. While we're over here wishing for Spring, Mandi made me fall in love with Winter all over again with these two photos.

And last but certainly not least, Thea Gibson shared this precious photo on our facebook wall this week. Sleeping little baby!!

Every Sunday I'll put a call out on our facebook page for you to share your favorite homestead photos from your own farm/homestead for that week. We receive so many photos, and I love them all! But we'll post some of our most favorite photos on the blog a few days later. Feel free to post them through out the entire week.

Please remember to post your photos on our facebook WALL, not under the reminder status. We cannot save photos that are in comments in order to put them on our blog -- such a bummer!

If you've been shared, then feel free to save the button below and let people know you were featured on our website!

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