{Semi} Wordless Wednesday -- a day late....

The moment you realize that not everyone has to like you, and that it's OK, is the moment you truly begin living.

We're all different. We all like different things. We all have different personalities and interests. And guess what, that means we'll all have different people in our lives. 

We don't have to be friends with everyone, and that's OK. 

We don't have to be "liked" by everyone, because quite honestly, not everyone is my cup of tea either. I get it.

Stop beating yourself up about it if you feel like you've just tried your hardest to get along with people and you don't fit into their clique.

Stop worrying yourself with the fact that not everyone wants to be your friend or "hang out with you". 

I'm sorry, I'm an awful friend...I don't hang out with anyone!! But I still love you guys!

And most of all, stop feeling guilty just because someone doesn't fit with your personality. 

Because not everyone you meet has to be your friend.

And not everyone that meets you has to make you their friend.

That's the beauty of life.

And when you realize this, you start living a real and amazing life -- one full of people and things that make you happy....one full of less time worrying and fretting, and more time living....

You truly live....my goodness, do you live....

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