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{2015} New Year's Goals and Prayers

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I used to be the type of person who would really go all out for the New Year's resolutions. Every year it was the same thing -- I'm going to lose 40lbs by summer time so that I can look great at the beach. Or, I'm going to work extra hard and make lots more money so that I can buy frivolous things that don't matter.

Yeah, no. I don't do that anymore. There are too many animals to feed, a mountain man to tend to and a mountain boy coming right along behind him. I've also learned that sometimes, your New Year isn't going to go as planned....at all....as you can read in my goodbye 2014, hello new beginnings blog post earlier this week.

The fact is, it's quite a relief to not have to make a "resolution" every year, because 95% of the time, they never happen anyhow. But the one thing I do thoroughly enjoy is making a list of goals and prayers for the beautiful New Year that has begun in all its glory.

Some of this year's personal goals are detailed and specific, but the biggest goal is this -- God first, husband second, child third, homesteading fourth, and then everything else can fall into its proper place. That's pretty self explanatory, but easier said than done...which brings me to my next goal....

Time Management. I have so much that I am doing now -- between working PT for a regional magazine, doing my photography, doing photography on the side for other publications, blogging for myself and Mother Earth News, writing articles, homeschool, homemaking and tending to animals (which includes not just feeding them, but breeding them, hatching them, and marketing them when Spring comes) -- yeah...say that all in one breath. Needless to say, I need to get organized. The biggest part of my time management strategy is to only spend 2-3 days a week on/near the computer. Before, I would simply get online in the morning to check emails, and then get sidetracked with a billion other things. Now, I will only turn the computer on certain days of the week, but no more than 3 times a week.

Health. No, it's not the typical "let's lose weight before June" resolution. In fact, losing weight isn't even on my goals list, but being healthier is. We started that journey this year, and I do feel fantastic. I am excited to see what the New Year brings for us.

More herbal, less medicine. Actually, this is going to be a pretty easy one for us, because we already started this goal this year with herbal remedies and Essential Oils. The only over the counter medicine's we are taking at this point are Jr's asthma medications, which is at an all time low already (praise the Lord!), and the occasional tylenol. We haven't gotten sick (thank God) in well over 8 months (with common things -- colds, flu's etc). And I completely attribute that to treating and preventing herbally, and slowly taking out processed foods from our diets. I want to get to a place where I don't have to depend on dr's to give me a prescription. I want to be so in-tune to our bodies, that I know what's wrong, what's ailing, and how to treat it. Of course, there will be exceptions, I'm sure. But for the every day life things, I'm excited about the possibilities.

Heart work. I still have so many things in my heart that I need to work on. I have bitterness for people who have never had to lift a finger in their entire lives and yet get everything they want. I have bitterness for people who've hurt me, talk badly about me when they don't even know me, and for people who can't help themselves. There, I said it. Admitting it is the first step, right? God has worked on my heart so much this past year, and my goodness, it is as if a weight has been lifted. But there are still some issues I'm working through. Please be patient with me!

Finish my book. I don't think it's going to happen this year, but heck, I put it on there anyway!

....I won't bore you with the other things!

Onto the homesteading goals...they are always more exciting!

Buy dairy goats. Listen, don't judge me. I need dairy goats. I just feel incomplete without them! So yes, this is the first goal of mine! While it cannot come until after the second goal is completed, a girl can dream! I have decided to either go with Nigerian Dwarf or Nubian goats. Still undecided....maybe both!

Purchase a new homestead property. Be it with a house, or land where we'd have to build a house (because my husband is just awesome). We are dead set on this happening this year, prayerfully and Lord willing. We are finishing up some work on our current property, which will hopefully be on the market in the Spring or Summer. Hint hint....come buy my house! It's perfect for the hobby homesteader and we have awesome homesteading and crunchy neighbors.

Rex rabbit breeding. I have a goal to sell a certain amount of pedigreed standard Rex rabbit kits to offset our feed cost this year. So I'm trying to find all routes possible to make it happen, however, quality is my goal, not quantity. I don't want to offer a rabbit just because it's rare in my state. I want to conserve it and make it better. But while they are beautiful and many are show quality, they are also our main source of protein on the homestead.

Icelandic chickens. We have them. They're awesome. And I want to bring awareness to the conservation of them. We already have so many orders for hatching eggs and chicks that we need to fill come Spring, which we are excited about. But at the same time, we are more concerned with quality breeding for ourselves as well.....it's never about quantity here! We are a homestead first, and a "business" second.

Last but not least on the homestead list (among others not listed), a large garden in raised beds. We cannot live our lives this year as if we "might" sell our house. We want a garden, a big one, so that I can do more canning in preparation for next Winter. This past year we only planted tomatoes and peppers. What a bummer! We utilized the Farmer's market....a LOT. This year, the list is long and growing. And if we sell, well, then the new home owner's will just have to deal with it!

My Prayer list for the new year is always very personal, which is why I won't list much of it. I have people I pray specific things for, and it's amazing to go back into last year's list and see what God has done for them and for us. It is not that God has done more for us, but it is that I can see more of what He's done for us. 

As always, I have prayers for my family, immediate and extended. Prayers for finances, homeshool, homesteading, homemaking, and searching God's heart for what His plan may be when it comes to growing our own little family. 

I have prayers for my husband -- for leadership, love, health, joy, peace, strength, protection, guidance, wisdom, and spiritual growth. 

I have prayers for our son -- healing, health, discipline, attitude, integrity, training, and character building. 

And through all of that, mama is going to need some prayers too. So I have prayers for myself -- diligence, self-control, unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, spiritual growth and strength.

I encourage you to sit down today, or sometime early in the New Year, and look back on the things that God has done in your life. Make a list of goals for the New Year, not just resolutions -- things that really make a difference. Flip through your calendar from last year and see where you could have managed your time better -- could you have spent it volunteering, serving someone with a grateful heart, working on a new project, or taking better care of your family? But most of all, have fun with it, and dream. You're never too young or too old to make new goals, raise your standards, and have a brand new beginning.....all while holding our precious Savior's hand. 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year -- may His blessings rest upon you through out the year, and may you have eyes to see them, even during the hardest moments.

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