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15+ Things To Buy Your Homesteader For Christmas

Listen, I'm a horrible present buyer. I mean, I all out suck at buying Christmas presents, especially for my husband. I would venture to say that I'm more of a "homesteader" than he is, however, he's slowly coming to the dark side.

I constantly get asked by friends and family, what types of things do you want for Christmas? So I decided to compile a list of things that you can buy for your very own homesteader -- the male, the female, the homestead child, and just all in general "homestead" stuff!

**This blog post contains affiliate links to products that help support my family. However, not all of these are affiliate links, and only a few of these products were offered to us for an honest review in return -- good or bad. It just so happens that we chose products we already love!!

For the Fella's:

While I really despise buying things for my husband, I know these are things that he truly loves, needs, and uses on a regular basis. Any man that works with his hands in the great outdoors would be happy to have these as gifts! Husband approved!

Quilted Lined Overalls
Because who doesn't love being warm in that harsh winter snow while tending to the homestead?

Carhartt Work T-Shirts
My husband absolutely adore's these work tshirts and asks for them every Christmas. They are perfect in the summertime, and great over top of a longsleeve t-shirt in the winter.

Our friends over at Beardbrand sent Mountain Man some amazing samples of their beard oils. While Mountain Man didn't like every single scent, he definitely loved how it made his face and beard feel. And honestly? I loved how soft it made his beard. The scents were pleasant and not too overpowering, and you could instantly see a change in the health of his beard while using the oil.  If you have a Mountain Man like me, or you know one, this is gift to give him! Rawr....

These aren't just work gloves. These are heavy duty, waterproof, utility/work glove combined and wrapped in awesomeness. 

You knew I had to throw the biggie in there somewhere. My husband has been begging for the saw, and rightfully so. With all of the work we do around the homestead, this would make his life, and any homesteader's life, ten times easier.


For the Ladies:

I can never get enough of these towels. I use them.for.everything. Dishes, cleaning, making cheese and butter. It is never ending!

These things are thebomb.com. They are great to work in, and you can pull them over some leggings and head out to the barn or chicken coop with ease. Perfect for a run into town to the farm store, or while tilling the garden on those cold early Spring days.

So, she'll love you forever if you buy this for me...or...er....her. I mean her. No, really...I just want the dutch oven...*hint hint*

My neighbor and fellow crunchy girl, owner of Georgia's Soapbox, makes the most amazing all natural goat's milk soap I have ever used in my entire life. My favorites are her Tea Tree Cucumber, and her Pumpkin soap. Oatmeal and charcoal aren't far behind! 

....of any size, shape, and color. We just love them. We love blue ones, green ones, 1/2 gallon ones (like pictured above), quart ones, pint ones, jelly ones, and ones you can drink out of. You  might as well just go ahead and get them all, just to be safe ;)


For the Homestead Child:

Golly, we sure are an overall lovin' family around here. But they make these for the little fella's and the little gals too!

...because you can never get enough "farm" in your day!

Clearly, I cannot in my right mind suggest you give this to a 3 year old. But if you have older children who are responsible (5 years and up), then this little tool kit is perfect for them when they are helping around the homestead! And mom can use it with homestead child isn't!


For Around the Homestead:

If you're gifting to a couple or just one person, and you'd like to help invest into their goals and dreams....here are a few things they would love to have!

First and foremost, money and gift cards. I know that sounds selfish, but sometimes it is hard to explain to someone what you need. Maybe you need a gate for your cattle pasture, and you just don't know the size right yet. Or maybe you don't need anything right now, but you know you're going to need feed next month, and that cash would come in handy. Don't think that giving money or gift cards to your homesteading friend or family member isn't sentimental...it's actually one of the things they wish they had the most of!

....and the rest....

Homestead Books
One of the things I enjoy most are the books and knowledge that is out there just waiting to be read. Homesteaders can't get enough information, and we're constantly trying to learn. Here are a few of my favorites.


The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering

I hope that some of these things help you buy for your homesteader this year! There are plenty more things I could add, but these are the basics for now. 

Wishing you and your family a very beautiful Christmas season!!