{Day 2, 3 + 4} 30 Days of Thankfulness

The title itself should tell you that I am a total slacker. Total.

But guess what...

I have a real life, and real life happens, and it's unscripted, unrehearsed, and has no patience for blogs and social media.

With that said...

Today, everyday, and for the past 3 days, I have been extremely grateful for my husband.

Sometimes he doesn't believe me when I say it, but he is my rock.

He is the most incredible leader in our family, and God could not have chosen a better man to love me, or for me to love. 

He is caring, loving, passionate, honest, diligent, an extremely hard worker, a provider for our family, and the chest that I can lay my head on and feel so incredibly safe with while sleeping.

He was born to be a father, and while he struggles with parenthood just as much as I do, he owns up to his mistakes, and he makes them right. Our little one cherishes his father, my husband, this man. And that says a lot about a daddy.

He is strong, courageous, and spunky. I love his goofiness.

He is a hot mess, in a good way. He is handsome, and his burly mountain man beard and strength turns me on more now than it did the first time I saw him.

And most of all, I love the way he loves me. Because during this busy time of year, when there are a million and one things to get done with work and around the homestead, his heart never stops loving me the same way it did over 9 years ago when he laid eyes on me.

...and he never, ever, let's me forget about it....

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