{Personal Journey} Taking a break...

I have been contemplating this decision for awhile now. And while it's not a permanent one, it's one that I don't take lightly. 

I've decided to take a short (though to some, it may seem long) break from blogging and posting on twitter and facebook -- both personally and for Boogers & Jesus. My professional photography page and website will continue to be updated, as it is beneficial to our income. 

I've made this decision through much prayer and thinking, and I know that it is the best decision for my family at this time.

Granted, it is only a month or two, but it will seem like an eternity to me since I very much enjoy writing on a weekly basis. To many of my close friends and family,  you know just how difficult this decision has been for me, even just a short amount of time. But it is a necessary one, and one that I have felt God tugging on my heart about for some time now.

During this time I'll be focusing on my relationship with Christ, and especially on my beautiful little family. I have a lot of projects around the house that I need and want to complete, and I am planning to focus big time on my health and losing weight without any outside influence or comparison. Comparison during my weightloss journey has been the biggest thing holding me back from soaring into the potential that I have.

We're starting homeschool next week, which will be a very busy season for us. And with October just around the corner, it is my busiest time of year with photography. This means that I need to spend extra time on our home, organizing, purging, and getting back into a routine of cleaning. This also means that I need to spend as much time focusing on my husband and child that I can, before business takes me away for a month and I slunk into almost nightly editing photos for 6-8 weeks. It's a yearly thing, and one that I am extremely grateful for as it pays for all of our Christmas presents and taxes. But this year, I would really love to prepare by bettering myself in advance -- by being steadfast and strong in my relationship with Christ -- in an attempt to never lose focus on the most important things.

Please feel free to email me -- boogersandjesus@gmail.com -- with any questions or correspondence. 

For personal family and friends, please feel free to message me on facebook (I have messenger without having to open facebook) or just pick up the phone...you know, those ancient things that aren't smart? You can also follow on instagram, @amyfewellphoto.

As of this moment, I have already left the facebook and blogging world, as this post was written before today and scheduled to be posted. Any comments on the post will most likely not be responded to, but do know that I will miss the interaction over these next few months, and totally welcome your emails and messages!

I plan on coming back into blogging and posting on a regular basis on November 1st, 2014, which will launch my "30 Days of Thankfulness" personal blog series for the month of November.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your Summer, and Happy Fall!!

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