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{Daily Ramblings} hello, September....

hello, September....

You got here quickly, much too quickly. 

The leaves are starting to turn those slightest hues of yellow -- your friend, October, isn't far away....

The month of August was not a good one for us. In fact, I found myself crying out many times, "when will real life come back?"

I can always tell when we are actively investing into the kingdom of God on a very large level, because life has a way of becoming chaotic, compared to our normal simplistically quiet one.

Other times, I can tell when Christ hasn't been the center, and we lean on ourselves for direction and strong hands to guide us -- those are the moments I hate the most.

Often times, in my moments of overwhelming chaos, I have to stop and remind myself just how blessed I truly am. And that the will of God will never take me where the grace of God cannot keep me.

August brought for us many things -- including a broken toe for myself -- that stretched us thin. There were many times when we had to say "no" to events and fun times, because we simply couldn't take risks or we didn't have the time. There were many instances where my mind kept telling me, "you know what they're going to say about you...you know how it goes...", but in those moments I had to remind myself that I am a wife first, mother second, and friend/family member third. While it didn't ease my mind, it eased my heart.

There were times where I lost my cool. There were days when we all lost our cool. There were days when we apologized to each other more than we should of had too, but we did it, none-the-less.

There were mornings where I just threw my hands up and said, "to heck with this homesteading lifestyle". I just can't do it anymore....

People don't realize just how much of a chore it can be when you have a part time job, a full time job (motherhood), and a home to take care of...along with breeding animals, slaughtering animals, tending to animals....

But then there were the days that spoke volumes to me.

The days where blowing bubbles in the yard was the only thing we did. 

The days where we loved, and we loved with all our hearts.

The days where we organized, cleaned, purged, and had fun doing it.

The days when we demolished the basement to start all over, brand new, so that our house will be completed and, eventually, we can sell it.

There were days of endless praise when we received good news about Jr's asthma.

There were days when we laughed uncontrollably, unconditionally, and loved just the same....

There were mornings when the snuggles lasted a lifetime, and we stayed in bed just a little longer because of them.

And the days I loved the most were the ones where I slouched down into his arms at the end of one of those long hard days, and I still felt the same way I felt almost nine years ago when I first saw him. Safe

We took the bad with the good. We took the happiness and the sadness. We took the tough and the easy.

And because of it, we're better people....

...because of it, we are stronger.

...because of it, September is going to be amazing...I just know it. 

...contrary to what my allergies are telling me right now....

dear, September...

Please stay around just a little bit longer than August.

Please remind us of the joy that Christ brings in every single season.

Please remind us to take delight in the beginnings of your dying season....because soon, winter will come, and surely, we will miss these chaotic summer months...and next year, we will most likely forget the struggles in them.

hello, September.....

...welcome to our lives, once again....

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