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{Daily Ramblings} The Will of God....

I try to sit in silence for at least 10 minutes every morning....just sitting. Some mornings I'm 3 minutes in and I hear little feet scampering down the hallway, quickly climbing into my arms and saying, "can I have some coffee...pleaseee"...often times followed by bribery for the coffee that he wants oh so badly. Other times, I'm awake for more than an hour, devouring the word of the Lord in my quiet time, and those little feet don't scamper in until I'm finished.

Those mornings are rare....

But when they happen, they happen with impact. They happen with divinity. They happen with unexpected prayers for people I barely know. They happen when I completely surrender my day to God...whether those feet scamper in 10 minutes later, or 2 hours later....

Over the past few weeks I've been considering some things. One of which is writing that book my husband keeps telling me to write. It's a love story....one filled with love, of course. But also filled with trials, heartache, unexpected blessings, and redemption. It's the story of my life, lived through my eyes, not the eyes of everyone else.

It's the story of a teenager, an adult, a wife, a mother, and a follower of Christ who fails every single day.

My journey is ever changing, but my God is not....nor is His will.

We often wonder what the will of God is for our lives. Does it change? Is it complicated? No, it's quite simple. Ultimately, we change, but the will of God does not....ever.

We treat the "will" of God as if it's some divine calling upon our lives that we must figure out before we die. If we don't, what then? Do we not live a life fully blessed by God? Do we not live our lives in the best way possible? Gosh...I've really missed out, apparently...

We treat the will of God as if it's some special calling on our lives...period. And while it is,...it isn't....

"We all have a calling...", sure we do.

But it's not some random voice thundering from heaven dropping a thought into your head about your life....not always.

It's not some big ministry, mega church, hyped up spiritual mumbo-jumbo....

It's not any of that at all. In fact, God's will for our lives in pretty clearly laid out in the Bible....and it's so.simple.

Seek justice.

Love mercy.

Walk humbly.

Make disciples.

Be faithful.

Care for the widows and orphans.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Help those in need....not just tithing to the church and being "done" with it.

Be a doer, not just a hearer.

Love, unconditionally.

Wives, be submissive and respectful to your husbands.

Husbands, be submissive to your wives and love them as Christ loves His church.

Bring your children up in the ways of the Lord. Constantly speaking of Him and sharing His love, daily.

Show grace, accept grace.

Have fellowship with other believers.

Give thanks in all circumstances.

Be anxious for nothing.

Pray without ceasing.

Sing songs of praise to Him daily.

....the list is never ending....

He never once said, "Go build a mega church".

He never once said, "You have a special calling, go into debt for it."

I'm constantly amazed by how many churches close their doors because of how much debt they are in. The will of God? No, the lack of wisdom from man....

When did the church become a building, after-all?

He never once said, "Work until midnight and never spend time with your family."

He never once said, "If your calling isn't loud, it's meaningless."

Quite the contrary...

Through out the entire Bible, He speaks of humility, simplicity, doing things in secret as not to be boastful, helping the needy...constantly...not just by sponsoring a child that you'll never see (although that's great!), or putting your money into the tithing envelope and forgetting about your neighbor who's barely getting by.

When did we start believing that our callings were more worthy than those of Paul, Peter, and the other disciples who walked closely with Jesus?

When did we start believing that our lives as Christians had to mean prosperity, living above our means, and having an easy life?

When did we forget that Paul spent the bulk of his ministry imprisoned, ill, in pain, and without a hundred church pews? And yet, his impact on the "church" was greater than that of any church building....

....and in simple moments like this morning, He once again reminded me of the issues within so much of the body of Christ today.

We love to be famous. We love to be recognized. We love to market ourselves. We love to make ourselves look better than others. We love to do what everyone else is doing, because we can do it better. We love...we love....we love....we love ourselves. Way too much....

But I love this....more and more everyday....

I love his hand on my leg in the evenings, when the house is quiet, and we're both dog tired but we know how important it is to spend time together as two followers of Jesus that have taken holy vows before our God.

I love his kiss, his hug, his strong arms around my shoulders when my day has been long...or even when my day has been amazing.

I love his strength, his leadership in our household, his passion for following Christ...even when he fails.

I love that he loves Jesus...and the simple will of God laid out in His word...

I love him....

This little boy who I get to call mine.

I love his smile, his eyes....oh, those eyes of fire that melt my heart ever so.

I love his cries, his laugh, his temper tantrums.

I love how brazen he is, and how vocal he is with his opinion....because I know that a strong willed child can be used greatly by the Lord. 

But I also know the task of motherhood is not an easy one for this very reason....

I love watching his gifts, his talents, and his character blossom....and I can't help but wonder how God will use him in His kingdom.

When I was a teenager, I had big plans...big dreams...big things that were happening in my life when it came to the "will of God". 

And it turns out, none of those things were ever the will of God in that moment of my life...

In fact, God's will looked a lot different than my perception of it...

I became a wife....

I became a mother...

I became a homemaker...

...and I have quickly realized that if those tasks aren't complete...if those tasks aren't my number one priority at all times...then I am not in the will of God.


Because throughout the Bible I am commanded to care for my family, first and foremost. 

Because throughout the Bible I am commanded to tend to my household, and then the rest of my work can proceed.

Because throughout the Bible I am instructed to tend to the orphans and the widows and the friends and family that need me, right now, right here...

Because throughout the Bible I am instructed to live a simple life, not a marketing scheme....not a life based on "how do I support my dream"....not a life based on asking people to care for me, so that I can do whatever I want to do....not a life based on selfish ambitions, that have nothing to do with what God has willed for my life before this epiphany that I've "received"....

The will of God looks kind of like this for my life...every.single.day...

Love the Lord. Spend time with Him, daily.

Call upon Him when I am in need or struggling. 

Praise Him in the beautiful moments.

Care for my husband and his needs.

Love him unconditionally and righteously.

Care for my son and his needs -- all of them.

Love him unconditionally and righteously.

Tend to my household chores, meals, and laundry....yes, laundry.

Instructing my household, daily, to follow Him.

Nurturing the little soul that has been entrusted to my care until he is old enough to follow his own calling. 

Using my spiritual gifts and calling, yes, calling (not to be confused with the will of God).... are you an apostle? a prophet? an evangelist? a preacher? a teacher?

And at the same time, not letting my "calling" consume me or take me away from the will of God. My calling is not above His will for my life, and my calling is not the same as His will for my life.

Caring for friends, family, and individuals who are in need of help....sometimes that just means being the shoulder they need to lean on. Taking them meals. Having fellowship with them.

Provide for my family when all of the above tasks are completed. If there is time, the necessity, and the option to...this means a lot of late nights for me when it comes to working for a financial income, but only after my family is cared for.

...and I fail in all of these things....every single day....I fail myself...I fail my family....I fail Him....

It's a pretty simple life....but it's a beautiful one...

Lover. Homemaker. Mother. Friend. Teacher and evangelist in my own home and to those around me....not in some big arena every single day...not loud...

It's a pretty simple calling right now....but it's a necessary one....

It's a pretty quiet life...but it's humble....

It's God's will for my life right now....

And God's will, done in God's way, will never lack God's provision. It will never lack grace. And it will never lack His guidance.

My life may look a lot different than it did 10 years ago, but He reminds me, in these simple, quiet moments, that I am finally right where He would have me....in this season of my life....

....right here in His will....

...and 10 years from now, my calling will change. While teaching and evangelism might still be my calling, it's going to look a lot different than it does right now. But the will of God will never change....ever.

Live humbly.

Care for those in need.

Be selfless.

Live in the freedom of grace and mercy, show it and accept it.

And never forget that you fail Him, daily....but He is always there waiting for you to dust yourself off, and try again.

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