{Daily Ramblings} Oh Be Careful, American Church....

As many of my personal friends and family members know, I'm a research addict. Maybe not an "addict", but I have to collect any and all information that I can before making a final decision about something that can affect our family, friends, or church family.

Someone who I trust very much, sent me this link this week, and I was blown away. I had been dealing with confusion, doubt, and annoyances when it came to certain teachings I've been hearing and reading over the past few months. Within my spirit, I just knew that they "weren't right". I also knew that confusion and doubt were not from above.

Always, ALWAYS, listen to that still small voice....always.

I am thankful for a Pastor who has been in his ministry for a very long time, and yet he's still young enough to connect and relate to things that someone like myself may be confronted with on a daily basis by other believers. In fact, he's not scared to admit that he's still growing and learning everyday himself. But his wisdom is great, and so is his wife's. They are two incredible people, and I am thankful that they simply do not follow the latest fad in the church, or the path that seems the most "logical". They are humble. They are wise beyond their years. They are encouraging. And they aren't there to take the road most traveled or most popular. They are here for one thing....to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, without any outside influence or confusion.

Let me first start by saying....if all of the wonders of God were able to be figured out by man, there would be no need for God.

Which is why I share this article with you. One that scares me deeply. One that I see so many people falling into blindly. This new "Kingdom Now" movement is very popular in Western civilization, which is even more concerning. In fact, there are many leaders that I follow on facebook that I plan to unfollow very soon, because of their belief in this very movement. This doesn't mean that they haven't helped me along my journey, however, the more I grow in Christ, and the more that Christ works through me, the more I have realized that they are not what I "thought" they were.

Test the waters. Do your own research in the Bible, through God's word, not always through the words of another. Don't go along with the fad's.

Don't go along with anything that ultimately tells you that you have to do something before Jesus "can" come back and redeem His people. Don't go along with anything that tells you that you have ultimate authority on earth to speak anything into existence as a Christian. You don't. Don't go along with anything that turns its back on Israel and belittles the promise of God's people (in the Old Testament, by the way). And don't go along with anything that tells you the Old Covenant is irrelevant today....believe me....it is not....

Jesus came to raise the standard, not lessen it.

Jesus is all powerful. Holy. Worthy. The Maker of heaven and earth, and any "movement" that tells me He "cannot" come back until His church is unified (or not come back at all) is a complete and total lie from the father of lies himself.

We're in trouble, American church. Time to wake up....

Please take a few moments to read about this new "movement" which is so rapidly spreading across the United States.

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