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Creating a Home Management Binder + {Free Printables!}

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If there's one thing I've learned after becoming a work-at-home mom, it's that organization is a necessity....and most days, I'm still disorganized.

Like, you have no idea....

But the one thing that keeps me in tip-top order on most days is my...you may have guessed it if you know me well...home management BINDER!


So it's only natural that I have one for home management!

The need for a Home Management Binder (from here on out, it's an HMB) arose in our household when this mama couldn't keep track of bills. Listen, it just happens sometimes.

Or your husband leaves them stranded around his jeep....

Or your dog eats them as soon as you lay them on the table....

You get the point.

I needed something that allowed me to check off monthly bills that were due, have a running list of them, how much they cost, how much they paid. I needed my sanity back.

I started out with a Family Command Center and tried to wrap it all into that....nu uh....not happenin'. I needed something that was easily organized, not out for guests to see when they come over, and something I could just sit on the shelf and grab when I needed it.

I also needed it to be FREE. Yes, I love free things. And somewhere that I could house bill information, check books, check register (because those little things that come with your checks are just stupid short), meal plans, grocery lists, a homeschool planning calendar, and a family calendar.

Oh, and a daily cleaning schedule....but that got thrown out the window quickly when life interjected. I still reference it when the toddler is gone.

So I started out with a cheap binder (target and walmart have them as well), some cute scrapbook paper, paper binder dividers, and lots of ink and paper.

I just HAD to pretty it up, so I made my own cover for the front and spine. I then made my own covers for each binder divider by simply cutting the craft paper to the same size as the binder divider and gluing it down with a glue stick (because we have a million of those around here). Then punching holes in the craft paper, wherever they previously were on the dividers.

Here are the things that I found necessary in my binder. You will need to choose and print whatever works for your family, not what just works for mine. You may need more, you may need less!

Homeschool Planner/Calendar (I only use the weekly portion of this)
Monthly Bill Checklist
Full Page Checkbook Register
Weekly Meal Planning + Grocery List
Pantry Inventory List
Home Cleaning Schedule (which is totally out of date for our household)
Emergency Contact Information (for kids and babysitter, even tough our babysitters are family members)

I wanted to keep my binder small, short, sweet, and to the point. However, you may want to consider adding other things that work for you, such as measurement charts, medical history/allergy records, an address and phone book, etc. Some of the links above have those already included for you!

It took me a week to finalize and complete my binder, but that's mainly because I was on work deadlines. You could knock this out in an hour without distractions!

One of my favorite things in this HMB is the Checkbook Register...it's a FULL PAGE of register. If you're like me, you hate running out of those little things. I've never understood why they send you 20 books of checks and 2 registers....duh!

My second favorite thing in the HMB is the meal planner + grocery list. I'll touch more on this in a blog next week, but writing out my meals (weekly instead of monthly), allows me to stick to a strict budget (and afford organic meals!) by only purchasing the ingredients and things I need, rather than the frivolous things we want and waste. It also helps me use up things that are in my pantry (along with the pantry checklist) and plan meals around things that need to be used up soon.

If you have any suggestions or freebie's of your own to share, please feel free to share with the rest of us in the comments below!!

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