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{Around the Homestead} Rabbits, Corn Storage, and this weeks randomness

The serenity of our kitchen first thing in the morning is something I long for. A clean, spotless counter, empty sink, beautiful eggs sitting on the counter top. Yeah, I got none of that this morning. We had quite the eventful (and so fun!) weekend, and my counter top looks like a cookout bomb just went off on it. You know where I've been spending my morning.....and that wallpaper has got to go....the next thing on our renovation "to-do" list....

I love the still life that makes its home in my home. The simplest of things are my muse, and my love. We've been busy, so busy, around the homestead these past two weeks. With hot weather comes hot chicken poop in the coop. And hot chicken poop means stinky coop. And stinky coop means mad chickens. And mad chickens means they want to make me play "find the egg" hunt. I've cleaned the coop out at least twice in one week these past 2 weeks. Dear Fall weather, I long for you!

I am thankful for my homesteading buddy! He likes to clean out the water bins and duck pool while mama cleans up the dusty ol' coop!

He also likes to find all the wildlife that's roaming around the yard :)

 In other news, corn is in season!

And that means I have to either cook it and eat it before it goes bad, freeze it, can it, or refrigerate it since we eat it like it's going out of style this time of year.

I learned a little trick from my grandmother a few years back. It was that "ah-ha" moment when I stumbled into her 'fridge for a drink one day (the non-alcoholic kind, I promise) and came across a bag full of half chopped ears of corn.

It's a simple and brilliant trick, actually. And the fact that I had just now found out about it made me think people were holding out on me my whole life!

While I love freezing corn when I have large batches (make sure you steam or cook it first), I know that I don't want to freeze and then thaw out corn 3 days later when I need it. So here's an easy trick to keep your fresh corn, fresh, for at least 1-2 weeks!

Cut off each end on each ear of corn. Leave the husk on!! Then simply place them (not crowded) in a large ziploc storage/freezer bag. Place a paper towel on the exposed top side of the bag so that the end of the corn doesn't dry out.

Seal it up, stick it in the fridge, and then pull it out when you need it!

Alongside your extra Kombucha SCOBY and cheap Sangria wine from Costco :P

Speaking of fermented things, my counter top is starting to look like a fermentation factory over here.
I started a new batch of sourdough starter. It takes about a week to fully ferment before using it. You start out small, but boy does it grow!

I found that awesome little (1 gallon) Hocking jar on sale at Target a few weeks back. Works perfectly! And for $7, you just can't beat that price. It was cheaper than Amazon Prime! (and you guys know how much I love my Amazon Prime!)

We have a few new hens on the homestead, more on that in a later post. And the baby bunnies are getting big! They will be going to their new homes next week, and the ones that we are keeping will be processed in the next few months. Here are a few of them at their 4 week old photo shoot.

I think we'll keep the extra large floppy eared one that likes to laze around on the sofa all day.

Samson, the lazy one, is now 14 weeks old and as spry as ever. He's losing his baby teeth (thank the LORD!, those things are like push pins in your hands!), and hes getting very large. Daddy was pushing 90+ lbs, and Samson is starting to live up to his name as well!

Also, Samson is definitely a chicken retrieving dog, not a livestock guardian dog. He has made sure that when the chickens get out, he grabs them gently and drops them at my feet. Oh my.....that's one way for me to catch them! Bad, Samson....

We have so many other things going on around here right now, without photos to tell the story.

Jr will be turning 5 years old in August, it's crazy. He has a meltdown just about everyday when he can't figure out if he wants a John Deere birthday or a Dinosaur birthday. #firstworldproblems

Husband is swamped with work, which is such a blessing right now! He gets busier and busier every single year, and it is totally a God thing. To think of where we were financially just a few years ago, and to think of where we are now (also due to the fact that we stick to strict budgets), it's just one more blessing I can praise my sweet Jesus for!

Me? Well, I'm all over the place, every which way. I've decided to try and find ways to bring in a small income with our homestead. Right now I'm considering raising broiler's to process and sell at least 4-5 times a year, depending on the demand. In the state of Virginia, you can legally sell processed poultry from your property as long as you are selling less than 1,000 birds each year. There is no regulation on rabbit meat, which excites me as well.

I've also done my research on dairy goats, which is a whole other blog in itself. Husband is on board with the dairy goats once we have more land....which we are still fervently praying and seeking God's heart for. His will be done! But we know that it's in our future, however, we must wait patiently....that's always the kicker! When the land comes, the dairy goats will come. And when the dairy goats come, the homemade cheese, yogurt and milk shares will come!

That's about it for now, hoping to blog again in the next coming days, but as you can tell...we are quite busy already!


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