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{Around the Homestead} Favorite Products

{This blog post contains affiliate links that help provide income for my family. If you wish to purchase an item listed in this blog, I would certainly love it if you could use the links provided. Thanks!}

Today I'm celebrating 27 years of life, and I could not have asked for a better one.

God has blessed me in so many unimaginable ways. A friend of mine once said to me, "You're living the American dream".... no way, I'm living my dream, the way God intended it all to be :)

So today I've been thinking about the things I'm so very thankful for, especially around this little homestead of ours. Some of these things might be helpful to you, others might just be sappy love stories!
Here we go....

I can't tell you how thankful I am for this book -- my Bible. I probably don't read it nearly as much as I should, but when I do, and when I need it most, it never fails me.

One of my biggest goals in the next 6 months is to read it, every.single.day. Even if I'm kicking and screaming because I have a million "better" things to do. In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus....

Husband. He'll kill me for putting his photo on here, but I have to say, he's my favorite. And that big red beard gets me every.single.time. I love him more than I could ever express.

I never thought our lives would be where they are today. If you would have asked me 8 years ago where we would be living, what we would be doing, how many children we'd have, how our marriage would look....I'd say nothing of what it is now. And I'm so thankful for that, because it's ten times better.

I met him in October 2005, and married him in March 2006. Yes, your math is correct. Five months. But I was never more sure of anything in my life.....him. He changed my entire world. Introduced me to new and amazing things. And loved me unconditionally through out it all.

People don't believe me when I say I have the best marriage ever....the best husband ever. Though it wasn't always rainbows and butterflies. We got over the hump, forgave each other for mistakes, and started building from the bottom up. We are inseparable now, and forever. I love him and the way he takes care of me. I'm even ok with him when we get into arguments, because there's always an apology and a "I was wrong" from whoever was truly wrong.

I love how he leads our household, and how you'd never know the weight of leadership and responsibility is on his shoulders, because most of the time, he's smiling.....

I am so incredibly grateful for the unfailing father that he is to our son. For the Godly leader that he is to me. For his encouragement, love, and most of all, his grace. He is my rock, and I only wish I could do half of the things for him that he does for me.

Oh, and I love his mountain man strength....I couldn't run this place without his rugged hands and mad carpentry skills!

The kid. He's the one who makes me wear my heart on my sleeve. When he asks me if he can collect eggs in 90 degree weather or frigid winter snow. When he says. "let me play in the river just a little longer". When he looks at me with those eyes and he doesn't want to say it because he's a "big boy", but I know he's thinking "I love you"....as he smirks and rolls his eyes.

I'm grateful for his help around the homestead. He has some awesome digging and chicken wrangling skills. He can pick up chicks with ease (you know, the feathered ones), and is a gentle giant just like his daddy, until it comes to boyhood play.

He is gracious, tenderhearted, strong, smart, witty, helpful, and muddy. I may be raising him, but he's training me more than he knows.

My chickens. Yes, my chickens. After all, I'm the one who takes care of them. So, now what....

These feathered friends are amazing. They don't just give us eggs and meat; they give us entertainment, giggles, companionship, beauty, motherhood, babies, and love.

I still get excited when I find eggs in nesting boxes, because that means they have been nice to me today and didn't lay them under the shed...the deck....in the woods....

My chickens were the gateway animals to "all in" homesteading. For them I am grateful!

Our meat rabbits. I know, I know...they are meat rabbits. Certainly, I am thankful for their meat. But I am thankful for the joy these little things bring to me. We have been trying for baby #2 for quite some time now, and it has yet to happen. So until then (or if never), these little babies will keep me on my toes for the remainder of my life!

The ducks. We only have two right now, but I never thought 2 little ducks could bring so much happiness into our lives. We literally laugh at these two all.day.long. It's like watching one of those old black and white films with music. They are hilarious. I cannot wait until we have more land so we can have more water fowl!

My vintage/antique egg basket that my Aunt got me. I had been trying to find one for some time, and she found one while out and about. I love it, i love it.

My camera. With which I take all of my photos, except for the occasional iphone quick snap. I love my 50mm lens just as much. 

My guitar (along with one of those quick iphone pics I was referring to). This beauty was given to me by my husband before we got married. I cherish it always. Music was my first love...my first passion. And it still is....

My health and ability to watch it all come together. To watch them grow. To love him. To wear my heart on my sleeve. To drink coffee, be it at 9pm or 5am. To own a rooster cup. To strum those strings, snap that picture, and kiss those boo-boo's. To love unconditionally. To love at all....

And the useful things.....

Tee Posts
Because even I can slam these things into the ground for quick and easy set ups. Chicken runs, garden savers, make shift goat fencing....you name it, you can do it with these.

Chicken wire is great, but hardware cloth is better. Especially when it comes to rabbit hutches and such. Chicken wire is meant to keep chickens in, but it is not made to keep predators out. We still used chicken wire for our chicken runs, but when it comes to rabbits and brooders, hardware cloth is my favorite "go-to".

I have two Anchor Hocking jars that I use every single day. One is used for snacks and such. It stays in my pantry. The other is used for our Kombucha. I only  buy these when they are on sale, which they are right now. So I may just have to buy another! Love these things!

Bringing Up Boys {By Dr. James Dobson}
Yes, it is useful. Especially if you're the parent, like myself, of a stubborn little boy. There are things in this book that I couldn't even fathom knowing simply by being a "mom". There's also one written for girls, titled, Bringing Up Girls.

One Piece Spatulas
Silicone Spatula Set of 4 - Hygienic Solid Silicone Design - Cherry Red
If you've never read my "What's Lurking Behind Your Kitchen Utensils" blog, you may want to. You'll understand why I love these so much!

Not only is it pretty and colorful, but this stuff comes in handy all over the place on our homestead. From tree swings to quick fixing gates, we use it often!

Bam! No pun intended. It's cheap, and I prefer wooden handles because they just look awesome. Husband, kid and I all have our own separate hammers. Of course, husbands, isn't this kind, but Jr and I manage just well with it!

Wire Nails
National Hardware V7710 3/4" x 18 Ga. Wire Nails in Galvanized
I would be happy with these for my birthday, and I'm not even kidding. When husband and I first got married, I waited around for years for him to hang photos because they had to be "perfect". When I discovered nails and a hammer, I became addicted. And now these are just my go-to nail. Perfect for hanging photos, wall art, fixing little things around the homestead, etc.

I got these from Tractor Supply this past year and they have done me well. Our yard is a mucky mess when it rains and snows, and these were just what the doctor ordered. Plus, they're cute!

Chicken Crochet Duvets |  Pot Holders
It helps when you can make your own potholders ;)

We use raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar for e v e r y t h i n g. Put it in your chicken water, drink some with honey once a day for the immune system and other healthy things for the body. 

Heinz White Vinegar Distilled, 128 oz
I haven't cleaned with chemicals for the past 2 years now. White vinegar does the job just as well. Put it in a spray bottle, 50% vinegar 50% water, and use it to clean windows, counter tops, toilets, bathtubs, wood floors, and more!

Spray Bottles
Delta Sprayers 82413-32 24oz 3pk Spray Bottles (Cap Colors May Vary)
Speaking of spray bottles....

Canning Set
Granite Ware 0718-1 Enamel-on-Steel Canning Kit, 9-Piece
I would be lost without my canning SET. This has everything you'll ever need to get you into canning those veggies this Summer!

Chalkboard Labels
Reusable Chalkboard Labels Perfect for Canning Jars - Chalky Talky Brand - 36 Variety Pack In Oval, Rectangle, Fancy Styles
For those jars after you've canned!

Feed Scoops
3QT Hot PNK Feed Scoop
It also comes in blue, which is what I have :)

Brooder/Heat Lamps
Bayco SL-302B3 10-1/2-Inch Brooder Clamp Light with Porcelain Ceramic Socket
Don't throw stones yet. Call me crazy, but I LOVE my brooder lamps. We are extremely careful with them when we have little chicks, always making sure they are attached to something secure and fireproof, rather than on the side of a bin. We also turn these on in the winter time for some of our chickens, however, they are secured and housed so that even if a chicken flew into it, it could never drop to the floor. Don't knock 'em unless you're too scared to try 'em. If you don't want to use a heat bulb, you can use an old fashioned light bulb (which they no longer make...silly government). If you're like use, you've already stock piled them when they went on "clearance".

Last but certainly not least.....

Find it on Etsy: http://tinyurl.com/ooqg7op

Dutch Oven.

I cannot go a few days without making something in my vintage Club dutch oven. It's not huge, but it is beautiful and makes the best roast you will ever taste. It's well worth the $45, even if just to admire it's vintage-ness!

However, I'm also saving up for this beauty.....

Lodge Color EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Island Spice Red, 6-Quart

So these are just a few of my favorite things that I am so extremely thankful for, here around the homestead....especially on my celebrated day of birth....because they make my life so much easier!!

Please feel free to comment below with you favorite things around your homestead, kitchen, and household!

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