{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

I see blogger after blogger post "wordless" or "semi wordless" Wednesdays, and I have always been inspired by them.

The simplest of photos with expressions on them sometimes have the most heart touching impact.

So today, I'm starting my {Semi} Wordless Wednesday. And I thought this quote fit my life perfectly right now.

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of issues with my personal health, which I'll touch more on in the coming weeks once everything has calmed down, tests are finished, and life itself is back in normal order.

But these worries and concerns this past week -- they've taught me, the very hard way, to take time and enjoy those quiet miracles. Those everyday moments that no one else could appreciate except for me. That no one else could boast about, not even myself.

Those simple, everyday miracles that seek no attention, except for grace of my Savior.

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