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All Natural Backyard Medicine + Folk Medicine {Part 1 + Book Review}

My family and I have recently become completely aware of the way we treat our earthly bodies. And the fact is, it is just as important to treat them with the same care and respect that we should treat our spiritual bodies with.

So with that said, we've decided to start living a healthier lifestyle -- better diet, cutting out white sugar, more fruits and veggies, organic meats, eggs and veggies -- much of which is raised on our property. We are starting to "care" for our bodies, and we are highly enjoying it and seeing results. However, I've been wanting to know more about all natural medicinal products that we could use. What's lying around the house or my backyard that's useful in its all natural state?....

In this new series, All Natural Backyard Medicine, we'll touch on everyday things that you can use for medicinal purposes in your home, as well as all natural plants that may be growing right in your backyard.

--Please note that I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be. These posts are based on personal experience or through research of my own. I am not suggesting that you do these things, however, I am simply reporting on what I have learned, both through experience and much time that has been put into research. You are liable for your own research and information, as well as health side effects should you choose to try any of these methods.--

My curiosity of all natural medicine in our household first brought me to this publication,

Folk Medicine: A New England Almanac of Natural Health Care From A Noted Vermont Country Doctor
By D.C. Jarvis, M.D.

{Book Description:}
"For centuries the vigorous and healthy families of Vermont have passed down simple commonsense home remedies for all sorts of common aches and pains, from one generation to the next. Dr. Jarvis spent years practicing medicine in the Green Mountains and observed the natural wonders of Vermont folk medicine. He shares that wisdom in this helpful book in order to help you: burn body fat and decrease body weight, improve sleep and overcome chronic fatigue, reduce high blood pressure, and much more."
This book was actually copy written in 1958. The sad reality is that if you want to learn about complete and real all natural methods, many times, you must go back into the "history books". While I praise my sweet Jesus for modern day medicine and Doctors, I also know that there are natural ways to help prevent sickness and other things that often happen in our bodies.

In Folk Medicine, Dr. Jarvis is extremely thorough in his research and investigation of both animals and humans. Dr. Jarvis begins by reminding us that animals take care of themselves and instinctively know what will heal them or hurt them when it comes to plants, animals, and other things in this crazy world. However, humans have become "out of touch" over these past few centuries because of modernism, such as electricity, chemicals, chemically filled medicine, reliability on other humans, and the food that we put into our bodies.

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that this is still a very real issue in today's 2014 society as well.

Dr. Jarvis proceeds to tell us about much of his research and the outcomes that they have had. In many cases, he saw that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was a "heal all" for many people and animals. Cows produced more frequent richer milk for their calves when ACV was mixed into their food rations once a day. Farm animals were healed from joint inflammation and pain when they were given ACV and honey once a day. Humans lost weight when taking ACV with each meal, as ACV helps to eat away excess fat very slowly. Humans also had a more restful sleep when mixing ACV and honey with a cup of water before bedtime, falling asleep quicker and waking less frequently in the middle of the night.

In one case of ACV being the cure all, infertility was reversed when both husband and wife added ACV to their diet. Along with adding ACV to their diet, they exchanged wheat foods for corn, oats and rye. Instead of white sugar, they substituted with honey.

Here is an excerpt from the book about this incident:
"Earlier I made the point that laws which work with the animals will work just as well with humans. A medical doctor friend lamented to me that no child had been born to him and his wife though they had been married seven years. They both desired a child very much but were beginning to resign themselves to a family life without children of their own. As they were both healthy individuals, he was at a loss to account for his lack of children. I suggested that he and his wife exchange wheat foods and wheat cereals for corn or oat cereals and corn or rye bread. Instead of white sugar they used honey for sweetening food. They used such cold-climate fruits as apples, grapes and cranberries, all of which grow wild in Vermont, in place of citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit. At each meal he and his wife added two teaspoonfuls of honey and two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water, sipping it during the meal as one would coffee or tea. As a result of this daily increase of potassium intake, a pregnancy was started and in due time a strong, healthy child was born to the couple."
Some of the other things in Folk Medicine that you may find intriguing is his research on fatigue and sickness. As stated in his book, we must not forget that electricity is a modern invention. Before electricity, we rose at the first crack of dawn and went to bed shortly after sunset. The bulk of our rest was before midnight, rather than going to bed at 11pm and waking at 6am. In studies done through Dr. Jarvis' book, he reveals that going back to these "old ways" in fact helps reverse fatigue. Other fatigue issues are due to pH and acidity levels in the body being imbalanced. He offers ways to help recognize the symptoms of both, and tells of ways to help heal them.

Dr. Jarvis hits many different issues in today's modern body, and quite surely, you won't go away from this book without learning something about yourself, and helping your body equal itself out. He speaks about fatigue, obesity, allergies, the common cold, how to prevent and reverse food poisoning, and so much more.

My most favorite thing about Folk Medicine is that it's easy, simple, everyday, common sense rules. It's not a diet, it's not a fad, it's not some book that requires you to change your entire lifestyle. It is a book that says "here's the research, here are the simply fixes, here are the results".

I would highly encourage you to add this very short informational book to your bookshelf or homestead this year. It will certainly be something that you reference back to frequently (as you can see from my tabs on the photo above!).

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