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{Weeks 3 + 4] Weight Loss Journey | Playing catch up and being surprised

Oh, mylanta.

These past 4 or so weeks have presented challenges and victories.
Let me go through them one by one....

Week 1 was so easy.
I was full, all of the time.
I remembered that a low carb diet doesn't mean that you have to eat card board. You can eat real, everyday food, and it tastes good!
I was happy, and I lost 3 lbs and saw my measurements (waist, hips and chest) go down quickly.

Week 2 was a little less easy.
In fact, it wasn't fun at all.
I got bored with the food I was eating.
My energy was low low low looowwww. I mean, I literally had a hard time pulling myself up out of bed.
But by the end of the week, I was another couple of pounds down and measurements were still steadily going down as well.

Week 3.
But I decided not to guilt myself.
I found that eating some high fat meals through out the week (minimally) helped maintain better energy. I realized that I wasn't getting everything I needed in my diet.
By the end of week 3, I had lost some more weight and measurements. And my energy started coming back.
I think I was also trying to adjust to less carbs and sugar in my diet, which helped attribute to less energy and that "draining" feeling.

Week 4.
I didn't guilt myself nearly as much. I decided to eat a little more fat and a lot less sugar.
Bam! Energy is back and lost a lot off my hips during week 4.

Here I am in week 5.
I'm 7lbs down.
2 inches off my waist.
2 inches off my hips.
And ... wait for it ...
I actually fit into my skinny jeans. Say what!?
In fact, my skinny jeans are almost too big around my thigh area, which really has me excited. But not excited enough to stop, because I still have a long way to go!

Some other things I've noticed in week 5:

My wedding rings spin on my finger.
I know this sounds totally stupid, but do you know how long its been since my wedding rings could actually move?! Now, they spin! I'm constantly fixing them through out the day.

Shrinking "mommy pouch".I have really enjoyed and benefited from measuring my waist, hips, thighs, and arms. But mainly my hip and waist area. This week, I noticed that my "mommy pouch" isn't so mommy pouchish anymore. It has shrunk, a lot. I attribute that to my hips shrinking and my waist shrinking. I think it is dual work on both parts!

My clothes fit differently.
Along with the shrinking pouch, my jeans now sit below my stomach rather than over top of "mommy pouch". This is something that, quite honestly, I am having trouble with. I haven't been able to wear my jeans like this since before my little guy was born. So it just feels awkward. It's also awkward because I do still have the pouch that sticks out a bit when I wear tighter shirts. But, all the more reason to keep on losing it!

My shirts also fit differently. I am so.much.more.comfortable. in my clothing. In fact, I bought a button up shirt for my husband and I's photo session this Friday, and it's too big. I'm going to have to get a belt to put around my upper torso area.

My upper torso is shrinking.
Bye bye fat rolls. My bra fits better and I don't have nearly as much fat poking out all over the place on my back.

My husband noticed.
He asked me the other day how much weight I'd lost, and I told him. He was shocked. He said it "looks" like I've lost 15lbs :D

My mom noticed.
And complemented  me the other day when she saw me. In fact, I was in a tighter t-shirt and jeans, scared to death they would make me look super fat, when in fact, they fit just right.

My shoulders are shrinking.
Sounds weird, I know. But yesterday evening while inspecting my shrinking body and horrible stretch marks (you know we all do it, ladies!!), I noticed my shoulders, neck and upper chest and back area's are smoothing out. They don't look nearly as swollen.

These are just a few of the things that I've been admiring this week. And honestly, it's not something I noticed until this week. I think I'd often get to the 4 week mark and give up because I didn't see results. But that 5th week is where it's at!

One of my greatest reasons for starting this low carb lifestyle was, of course, to be healthier and better able to keep up with my kiddo.

But the one thing that I really wanted to get out of it was to learn better self control.

In fact, my mom reminded me of a blog I wrote not so long ago -- my battle with a cookie.

I was pleased to realize this week that self control is slowly coming when it comes to food. And I know it will start spilling over into other aspects of my life, eventually.

Yesterday I had to make a trip into town by myself. Normally, I'd stop at a fast food place and grab breakfast. But I had absolutely no desire for it. In fact, I was kind of bummed, but I heeded the answer from my body rather than battling it out in my brain.

And I felt so.much.better. about myself.

I also (finally) got the Trim Healthy Mama book. Can't wait to start reading it and trying more THM recipes!!

That's about it for this week. Thank you so much for your support, emails and facebook messages. I promise to write a more detailed blog about the "diet" next week!

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