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{Week 1} Weight Loss Journey | The Beginning.....

For the past 6 months I've been dealing with extreme dizziness at times. And when the bad headaches started coming on top of the dizziness, I knew something was up. Of course, those who know me know that I never ever go to the doctor for myself. I try every possible herbal remedy or home made concoction before I go to town for a check up. However, I already knew what my issue was, but I have yet to do anything about it.

Let me take you back to about 12 months ago.

My body was out of whack, to say the least. I made a visit to my OB/Gyn, whom I love dearly, and spoke with him about certain issues. Upon looking at my record, his eyebrows shot up and he said, "are you planning on trying to conceive any time soon?" 

Get out of my head!!!....is what I wanted to say.

Yes, we had secretly been trying to conceive for at least 3 months at that point -- one of those "if it happens it happens" ordeals. Maybe I was trying a little more than dear husband....shush.

If there's one thing I love about my OB, it's that he's always been upfront and brutally honest with me. 
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The same man that was so amazing in the delivery room with myself and my son when he was born, the same man that cheered me through my first pregnancy like a boss, the same man who was more like a midwife than an OB....this same man just uttered one short sentence that changed my outlook on the rest of my life.

He said....

If you don't lose 30lbs sometime soon, you're done. 

Your body isn't going to allow you to conceive again. It's out of whack because you're 15 lbs heavier now than you were when you were 9 months pregnant. You've gained 30lbs in the past 2 years (from my pre-pregnancy weight). If you can get those 30lbs off, I don't think you'll have any issue conceiving another child. 


That was that. The truth shall set you free, right?


Life is too busy. Busier than God ever intended it to be, of that I am sure.

At first I got all depressed about it. I thought about it pretty hard, even made my mind up that I would lose lots of weight by Christmas. Yeah, that didn't go anywhere.

Work deadlines and being a mom consumed my life, and my weight loss and trying to conceive another child took a back burner. 

Until the headaches....until the extreme dizziness....and until I could hear my old pregnancy nutritionist say, "if you don't take care of yourself, you're going to be a diabetic when you get into your 30s."

How dare you, I'm not 30 yet.

But I'm close to it, and I can feel my body slowing down more and more everyday. That's when it hit me.

How am I supposed to take care of a toddler when I can barely keep up with myself? How am I supposed to conceive, birth and care for a baby and a toddler, whenever that time comes. And then, grandchildren?

That was it. It was that moment when I cared more about my future than about my here and now. That's when it clicked. 

Also, my husband and I have a couples photography session coming up in April, something we've NEVER done before, and I want to look at least 15lbs lighter :)

A friend of mine started talking to me about the Trim Healthy Mama diet this past weekend, and it intrigued me, so I went and found some similar recipes. I haven't yet bought the THM book -- it's $34, and I just can't justify that right now since I don't know a lot about the diet -- but my friend is absolutely loving it, and seeing results.

Me? I'm doing my low carb thing, and I hope to share lots of great information with you over the coming weeks. Low carb is the only "diet" I've ever been on that has allowed me to feel full and lose weight. Lots of protein and veggies. I'll share more in the coming week about this specific diet.

Until then, here's what I've learned this week, my very first week (started on Monday). 

I can eat a lot of food on a low carb diet. Seriously, I had forgotten just how easy it is on a low carb diet. It's something that you could do your entire life and not get tired of it. Breakfast is 25-30 carbs, lunch is 45-55 carbs, dinner is 45-55 carbs and three 15 carb snacks a day! So it goes like this -- breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. At all times, I'm combining things that are high in protein with my carbs. Protein breaks down carbs and sugar, which are two of the biggest culprits in diabetes and weight gain. So for breakfast, I always have an egg (farm fresh, of course!) or some kind of healthy meat or peanut butter. Lunch, I normally have meat, like on a sandwich. And dinner, well, I married a meat and potatoes fella so you know what we're having either way. Non-starchy veggies are freebies, as is peanut butter and high protein items.

I apologize for the horrible iPhone photo, but this has been my lunch for the past 3 days, and it's under 30 carbs!! 1/2 a turkey sandwich with cheese (yes, cheese!) and tomatoes. And yes, that's white bread. 1/2 cup cottage cheese. A large salad with veggies, cheese, and ranch dressing. I love love love the Bolthouse Dressings. They are only 2 carbs per tbsp and they are made out of yogurt.

You'd be surprised by how many of your every day things have little carbs in them. Just make sure you go by serving size, not just free grazing!

I can't weight myself, I have to measure in inches. I have never been able to "lose weight" like other people. I can't drop 10lbs in a week. But I can sure as heck lose inches! I've lost almost an entire inch around my waist this week alone, and yet I've gained 2lbs. I've always been this way, but now that I'm measuring in inches, it helps motivate me. Before, I thought I was doing it all wrong, but because I'm stuffing my face full of protein, which turns into muscle, it's only natural that I gain muscle weight, as long as I'm losing inches

Water is a friend, not an enemy. I've really surprised myself with my water intake. I've been drinking water all week long, and only had 1/2 cup of milk as a snack the other day. My hands aren't as swollen. My belly isn't as swollen. And overall, it helps fill me up. Sometimes I can't drink straight water, so I add lemon juice. Oh so good!

I'm more motivated to do house work and chores. Say what!? Yes, for real, not lying. It comes along with having more energy and less sluggish tendencies. Rather than sitting at the computer during down time, I feel the need to "go" and do something (unless I "have" to be at my computer for work related things). I know that once I start adding my exercise routines in next week, I'm really going to be on the go more often. I'm also more motivated to motivate my child! Especially when it comes to school work. Thankfully, he's already pretty awesome with school work.

I have less brain fog....brain farts....whatever you want to call it. I have less of it! I can focus on tasks much better than I could before. And I'm less easily distracted by frivolous things, such as the computer...aka, facebook.

I. feel. better. And I think that speaks for itself. I'm tired in the evenings and more motivated in the mornings. It doesn't take me nearly as long to get up and going in the mornings as it used to. Husband has breakfast and lunch ready for him almost every morning, most house chores are done before noon (which was usually unheard of in this house), and I can keep up with work deadlines better than ever. I haven't had a single headache or dizziness since I started, and when I eat, I don't feel overly full or like my stomach is bloated. I can run around the yard with my 4 year old, and I can run around the yard trying to catch my hateful rooster without getting out of breath. To me, that's worth it. 

In the coming weeks I'll be blogging about my weight loss journey, recipes I have found that are oh so yummy AND healthy, and before and after photos. 

Before and after photos, that sounds unreal, but apparently I've really devoted myself to this thing after all!

Until next time..... :)


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