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Noah + Son of God | To see them, or not to see them....?

**Disclaimer: please know that I have not yet seen either of these movies and am simply going off of friends that have seen it or personal research that I've done. I am keeping an open mind on both of these movies because I have not yet seen them for myself. Should you choose to comment, please be kind and courteous. Judgement and bitterness will not be tolerated and will be removed.**

As a parent and a Christian, I'm always curious about the new Bible movies that come to the big screen.

I'm extremely excited about going to see God's Not Dead, because I enjoy all of David A. R. White's movies. They are great, clean, Christian drama's and thrillers, and it's nice to be able to sit down and watch something clean and inspiring. There is scripture weaved through out the entire movie, and his movies are simple and motivating.

I remember going to see Passion of the Christ with my sister as a teenager, and bawling my eyes out the entire time. We were both blubbering babies -- good thing we took tissues. But as I've gotten older, I've realized just how completely unbiblical that movie was. While it was an amazing drama, it didn't follow the story of Jesus as told in scripture. But I'm not sure Mel Gibson ever claimed that it did, either....
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Would I recommend seeing it? Probably not since it's not completely biblical, however, it was quite dramatic and produced very well.

When I first saw the Noah trailer on TV, I instantly wanted to see it. The drama conveyed in the movie trailer was captivating -- I love a good "back then" dramatic movie. But the more I started reading about the reviews, the more I was leery of it.

But why?

I read so many reviews from well known Christian leaders in the United States, saying the movie was amazing and, while most parts were simply added for drama and are not based on scripture, it's a "good thriller". And you know how much I love David A.R. White's thrillers.

Then I'd read other reviews from Christian leaders who were condemning the movie, wondering how so many Christians could go and see the movie -- they must not really know Christ at all. And yet, some of these same condemning leaders are selling their own versions of Noah's story (based on scripture) for $25+.

If the story of Noah is so inspiring, why can't I just read it in the Bible and save my $25?

You see, here's the thing.

I think I'm going to go watch Noah.

-- crickets --

No, really. I cannot condemn a movie that I have not yet seen. And while I completely understand that it's probably not going to be completely Biblical, I also can't expect anything less from Hollywood.

However, the saddest part about this is that the movie is rated PG13 simply for brief scenes of violence. And yet, so many of us Christians watch tv shows and movies that are ten times worse.

We have become numb to the "brief nudity", gruesome violence, and bad words that fill our tv screens and homes.

How many of you watch the TV show "New Girl"? Where all of these single people sleep together? Or better yet, "Friends"? That awesome '90s show where Ross and Rachel never get together but have no problem sleeping with one another for years and eventually have a child outside of marriage.

Or maybe you're more into Revolution or The Voice, where they throw down curse words like it's a second language. But they aren't so bad, right? Or perhaps you like all those vampire and supernatural shows?

Or what about that movie you watched -- maybe it was hilarious or scary, but was it really glorifying God in every way? The Hobbit? Harry Potter? or the newest sensual drama? Was it not just a "good thriller" in your eyes?

And don't even get me started on books. My husband is better than any sparkly vampire or "Mr. Grey".


We're all hypocrites.

And while the movie Noah may not be completely based on scripture, the producer of the movie never claims for it to be, nor do the Christian leader's who have endorsed it (contrary to what the other Christian leaders who are throwing them under the bus may say).

While Noah was created by an atheist (bravo to him for knowing a little about the Bible!! I pray that seed will grow tremendously in his heart), the newest movie titled Son of God was created by "Christians".

I have not seen Son of God, nor do I want to.

Wait, what's the difference?

The difference is that Noah was created by an Atheist who completely says that his story was "inspired" by Noah, not biblical. It's a thriller, a drama, with a biblical background. It's not rocket science, it's not misleading. It's out there -- "this isn't biblical".

Son of God was created by two Christians who claim that their movie is completely based on scripture, but it's not. Last time I checked, there were only 12 disciples of Jesus, all male. There were not 13 disciples of Jesus, one being female.

In fact, if you know anything about the Bible, you know that back in those days, women and children were not even counted as being in the "crowds" that followed Jesus. They were lowly citizens that stood off in the background. And while Jesus loved them just the same and interacted with many of them, the Bible never mentions Mary Magdalene being a "disciple" of Jesus. Period. Son of God does (according to every review that I've read, please correct me if you've seen the movie, unbiased).

There are also other issues I have with the movie Son of God, simply because it is being called scripture, when it is not. As with Noah, they have added many things to the movie simply for dramatic effect. It's untrue, it's not in the Bible, or they have twisted scripture to say what they want it to mean, when in fact, it doesn't mean what they think it does at all.

At this point, you might be saying "maybe you just think it says something different and you're wrong."

That's your right and your opinion. But I would urge you to read the scriptures yourself, and not just the one scripture that they quote in the movie. Read the 10 other verses around that one verse, and you'll see the truth for yourself.
"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world." 1 John 4:1

Long story short...

We will be seeing Noah -- it will be in theater's this weekend. Though we may wait until it comes on Netflix.

We will not be seeing Son of God, unless I have a change of heart at some point.


The creator of Noah clearly states that the movie is inspired by the story of Noah and is not completely biblical. It has a low rating or PG13 (though I won't allow my child to watch it since he's 4), and should be a good thriller. It will give me leverage when I hear friends and family talking about it, and will give me an opening to say "yeah, it was great, but here's the real story" rather than, "no way am I watching that, and neither should any other Christian" while portraying myself as a snob.

The creators of Son of God claim to be Christians and claim that their movie is completely biblical, when in fact, it is not. It is deceiving and dangerous for Christians (both young and old) who simply go off of what other people say about the Bible (not just a movie, but what others say as well) rather than ever reading the Bible themselves. Furthermore, it makes them believe that what the movie portrays is actually real and when witnessing (if they ever do), they could completely mislead someone about the character of Christ. Do I condemn you for watching it? No way.

That's my story, but I'm not sure if I'm stickin' to it. I hope to eventually watch both movies, however, I am more inclined to watch Hollywood's Noah inspired story than a movie produced by Christian's who may or may not be misleading other's.

**Feel free to comment below, especially if you've seen the movie(s) yourself. But please keep it non-judgmental and clean. Any comments that are not so will not be tolerated and will be removed**

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