Broken Can Be Beautiful....

Last night, God and I had a pretty nice heart to heart. When I say nice, I mean a lot of crying on my end. Sometimes I have to practice what I preach, and take some alone time with Him without any distractions. And most of the time, that means I'm taking an extra long shower :)

It's funny, because I was so angry and hurt last night. After a nice long talk with a friend, who blesses me more than she knows, I realized that on this journey of waiting for another little blessing to come into our family, I have stopped the "grievance" and "healing" process. I don't "deal" anymore, I just become numb to these particular emotions. It's easier not to deal.

Last night, in my "why are you doing this to me" conversation with God, I went through so many different emotions. From guilt, to blame, to sadness and disappointment....not just in myself, but in God. I got real, and I regret it, but this morning....something amazing happened.

Through everything, even with my bad attitude this morning, I have joy. Even after blaming Him, being disappointed in my God, He still gives me peace....He still gives me joy....and He still says "I love you".

Broken can be beautiful, when grace sings the melody....

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