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I never get into pyramid schemes or "make money fast" businesses. They just aren't my thing. It doesn't mean they aren't yours, and that's fine. I just don't like putting my time into something like that (nor do I have the time!!!). However, when a friend of mine told me about Ebates, it sounded like my style. Why? Because it's not a business, get rich fast scheme, or anything like that. I sit at my computer, buy whatever I want online, and when the "activate Ebate cash" button pops up, I click on it. After I check out, Ebates sends me an email telling me my ebates cash has now been added to my account, and voila!!! I'm done! I don't have to invite friends to my house to watch me, and I don't have to fret if I didn't make a "goal" for the month. I just get to shop, and that's pretty much it.

The other part of this is that it has actually saved us money. Things that I often got at the grocery store or Staples, etc, I can now buy online and get cash back for it if they are participating in an Ebates discount that day. I also get emails from Ebates notifying me of "Daily Doubles"...where companies choose to do outrageous cash back days (up to 25% in many cases!). It also comes in handy when we have to book a trip -- hotels and rentals are always on Ebates.

Bottom line -- we love Ebates. And we've only been using it for about a month. Anything that can help us save money that isn't a "business" or scheme, I'm all for it. This month, if you sign up with the link below (you must use the link below!) then I will receive an extra $10 simply for referring you. And if you refer people next month, you'll get $10 per person too. It's free to sign up, and it's free to buy. In fact, they're paying you to buy. Now, here's the catch. Yes, there's a catch. In order for it to be worth their time, you have to get $20 cash back before they can send you a check. Which makes absolute sense as it costs them money to cut a check and send to you or directly deposit it into your paypal account. But, if you're anything like me and wanting to find new ways to save money (which now includes ordering online!), you'll get to $20 pretty quickly ;)

This isn't something you can "make money" off of, but it is definitely something that can help you save money.

If you're interested, click here to find the referral link and sign up!

It is FREE to sign up, and you are never charged through Ebates, only given money! I know it sounds too good to be true. But check it out for yourself :)

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