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Creating home cleaning schedules seems to be the popular thing among bloggers recently. There are so many of them that I enjoy, but none of them actually work for me. The biggest issue is that my little family has pets. And while vacuuming once a week might work for most petless families, it definitely doesn't work for mine. Nor does mopping once a week. I am also a work at home and homeschooling mom, so I needed something that was easy to follow without being overwhelming.

So, I've decided to take some time and create my very own cleaning schedule. Clearly, this schedule won't fit everyone's needs, but it certainly fits our pet friendly household :)

I've set my home cleaning schedule up in 3 different areas. In the first area are the weekly things that need to be done (along with a few daily ones). Each weekly set is split up into which particular day you should do each chore (in addition to your regular daily chores).

The next section are Daily and Monthly chores. You should do every daily chore that is listed. This will ensure that you have a clean home all the time, not just when you have the time. This is so helpful to keep up with in case you have unexpected company etc., otherwise, your housework will overwhelm you when you have to play "catch up", which causes loss of motivation. Monthly chores can be done through out the month or all on one day. Whichever is convenient for you.

There is a small notes section for any extra chores that need to be done or to note any chores that you had to skip on a particular day of the week. Those will need to be completed on Saturday, your "catch up" day.

Please click on the photo above for the free printable. You can laminate it and stick it on your fridge so that you can make notes and erase them or rewrite them however often you'd like!

Make sure that your printer margins are set correctly so that the page prints within the proper margins.

**Please feel free to share, but please do not link directly to the downloadable PDF. Please link back to this blog. Please do not host the PDF on your own site**

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