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I am all about homemade household cleaners. I currently use a homemade cleaner for a windex alternative (which I will post later) and other things throughout the house (such as white vinegar in hot water to mop with). However, I've never really been able to find ANYTHING to clean this big huge gigantic stain in the middle of my sons carpet. What is it? -- you ask. Why, it's none other than Yoohoo, of course, what else could it be in this house!? 

When the stain happened, I sprayed some scrubbing bubbles carpet cleaner spray on it, scrubbed it up, and left it alone. The back of the bottle said "leave sitting so it will lift stain". never lifted that stain.

So now that the stain was set in, nothing was taking it out. Until today, that is. When a friend of mine told me of this amazing concoction with ingredients that are sitting right in your bathroom and kitchen.
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Please keep in mind that this was just the first scrub and the carpet is still wet. But either way, this stain has been there for at least a year. So it was REALLY set in!!


Small bowl
Wash rag or sponge
(I used a rag because I didn't want the liquid to soak into the padding underneath the carpet with too much water in the sponge)
3-6 tbs Hydrogen Peroxide
(amount of HP depending on stain, I just poured it in)
quarter size amount of dish liquid
Hot water
(enough to fill the bowl up a little over half way)

Mix these ingredients together, take your rag, dip it in the liquid and start scrubbing! I used the dry end of the rag to slightly dry the carpet after I was done scrubbing one area.

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