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Family Command Center on a Budget

If you're like me, Pinterest makes you want to be more organize, and yet somehow, all of those projects make you more disorganized. Amazing how that works....

I've been seeing so many "Family Command Centers" on Pinterest, and they are so pretty. The issue is that where I'd like to put my official Family Command Center is on a wall that hasn't been painted since we bought our "fixer upper" house in 2008. It's gross. Very ugly. And it's not even convenient to have a command center there right now. Plus, as soon as I put it up, I know we'll finally be motivated to rip the remaining ugly cheap rose wall paper from the 90s off of the walls and paint it. Which means all of that work went into it for nothing.

Or did it?.....

Why not make a 'moveable' command center? Or at least a temporarily cheap one. That way if I have to rip it off the wall in an act of unimaginable excitement that we're finally painting the walls in the kitchen, I won't feel so bad about it.

So, with a handful of things that I already had laying around the house, I did just that!

It's not the prettiest of things, but it's not the worst of them either. I'll provide links to each printable that I printed (many are from other websites and blogs). Everything on this wall cost me less than $8.

What you'll need:

- 1 scrap booking kit (I got mine from Walmart on sale for $5. It has stickers, letters, designs, paper, etc)
- 2 things of scotch tape
- 1 glue stick
- printer paper
- printer (make sure your printer has ink...FAIL)
- string (I used a hemp like sting)
- pen
- nails & hammer
- small piece of cardboard

I started by laying the foundation of the command center. I needed the command center to stand out above everything else that surrounded it. There is a large fridge on the right side of the command center, and the phone hangs on the wall right beside the command center. I had an extremely small space to work with at this time, so I had to make it look as put together as possible.

I started by taping (yes, taping, or you can use tacky stick stuff that you get from staples) 4 pieces of scrap booking paper onto the wall, alternating colors and designs. I also added a large strip at the top for the 'F' and the 'Family Command Center'.

Next came the printing. I knew what I wanted on this particular mini command center.

Family Rules
Monthly Bills that are due and a chart where we can mark them off that they've been paid.
Work Calendar and Family schedule. My husband works for himself and must tediously keep track of his hours and equipment that is used. He is constantly losing his workbook calendar, so it is now conveniently hanging on the wall. This also allows him to see upcoming family events that are taking place so that he can schedule around them.
2013-2014 school calendar chart with holidays. This way I can keep a birds eye view of what is coming up (and can also count down the days to next summer, ha!)
Monthly School Calendar. This will come in helpful when planning his days ahead of time -- when I want to try new things, worksheets, etc. It is also going to help him recognize his days, weeks and months.
A pen. Yes, a pen. Because whenever I need a pen, I can never find one. And this command center just couldn't function without one! Of course, you can't print a pen, but I thought I'd throw that in there either way.

I found this set of family rules on pinterest. I downloaded it and added the "WORSHIP" at the end. But you can add your family's name, or whatever else you'd like! Click here to download. I cannot for the life of me remember where I printed this from, so if it was from your blog, I apologize! I am uploading the original file. Please let me know if it is you so that I can link back to your blog!

I got both the monthly work calendar and the school calendar from the web. Click here: 2013 printable calendar and 2014 printable calendar.

I printed the monthly bill tracker chart from microsoft word. Can you believe they had something this cute online for free!? I have modified it slightly. I also left it blank so that you could write in your own monthly bills. And, if you're anything like me and like paying over the phone (when free), I have left a spot for confirmation #'s! Click on the photo to download.

The 2013-2014 calendar was printed here. Click on photo to download.

After I printed everything out, I attached it with tape on the back the to scrap paper. I hole punched the calendars and put them on the wall with nails. That way we can easily take them on and off. You can also add paper clips or connectors if needed. Added a few stickers and labels to the scrap paper background (using pieces of scrap book paper and the stickers provided) to note what each item was, and to make it pretty!

The last step was creating the large "F" monogram for our last name, to go at the top along with the "Family Command Center". I chose a font that I enjoyed on Microsoft Word (any writing program, really), made it extra large to fit the entire page, matched the colors in the "Family Rules" printable, and then printed it. From there, I had a small piece of cardboard laying around, so I glued it with a glue stick to the cardboard and cut around it; tape it to the wall when finished.

I also printed the "Family Command Center" (click here for printable) and taped it to the wall after putting a nice little background and stickers behind and around it (also provided in the scrap book kit).

Last, but not least, the pen. Take a nail and put it in the top right or left corner of your command center. Take a long string (cooking string or hemp string work good) and wrap it around one end of your pen. Tie it. Take the other end and attach it to the end of the nail. Voila! Make sure your string is long enough so that your pen reaches the end of your command center and can reach to the other side as well. Just let it dangle. No need to get fancy.

And, that's it! Get creative! You don't have to have a huge family command center to get the job done. And you also don't have to spend a ton of money on it to make it efficient. If you're a large family, you're going to need a large command center. But the small space I'm working with (and the small family that I have) lent itself well to this starter command center. Trust me, I will certainly grow our command center over the next year once our walls are painted! 

Take your time and prioritize what you need on the wall. Ask your spouse. I was completely shocked when I saw my husband sneakily looking at the command center the other night before it was completed. I said, "what, you don't like it?" and he said "no, I was just thinking about how neat it was....let's add a monthly bill chart". :) I love it!!

Happy Creating!

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