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Dear "Santa", please don't bring us...

Every single year my parents, grandparents, and other family members always ask what to get our little one for Christmas. And every year they either, 

a) don't get what I tell them to get
b) get what I tell them to get plus a bazillion things I didn't tell them to get.
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So here's to all of the parents who have to (gratefully) deal with the millions of toys and, lets not forget, all that candy, every Christmas. 

Dear "Santa", please don't bring us:

1. Anything that makes a high screeching noise. First of all, it's bad for my child's ears. Second of all, it's bad for my ears, and I'm pretty sure it might cause me to 'lose my witness' at some point.

2. Anything that is liquidy, squishy, or stringy (unless otherwise told). Remember those kids on the internet or America's Funniest Home Videos that you always laugh at -- you know, those ones who get into the flour or paint and run all over the house with it. Yeah, it's not funny when it's your kid.

3. Candy. no no no no no no no no NO candy this year. NONE. Leave the candy to mom & dad as a stocking stuffer. Candy makes kids become little beasts -- and between the high screeching noisey toy and the silly string down the hallway....NO CANDY.

4. Unnecessary toys. Can we please just take a moment to talk about toys. When I first had my little one I thought he had to have a billion toys in order to be happy. Soon after our first Christmas, I found out that new toys lasted for about 1 week after they are given to a child, and then they lose interest. I now have a basement completely FILLED with toys that my child doesn't play with, and he's only 3 years old. By the time he's 5, we'll be officially known as the 'toy hoarders'. Please, don't give your grandkids/nieces/nephews an over abundance of toys this year. They don't need them! And I don't have anymore room for them. If you want to get them a toy, buy a giant cardboard box that they can fit into...they prefer that much more than a firetruck with swag. Not to mention, if I step on one more lego....

5. Non-age Appropriate items. Don't buy a 1 year old legos. Don't buy a 3 year old xbox games. Don't buy a 15 year old a Polly Pocket. Do you remember Polly Pockets? What a cool gift that would be....
Nevermind, don't get a 15 year old a Polly Pocket.

6. Animals of any kind. Unless mommy and daddy say "hey we'd really like you to get Jr a hedgehog for Christmas", please, don't assume we (mommy) want a hedgehog for Christmas!

7. Anything that mommy & daddy have already said we're getting. I never fails, I always tell people what I'm getting someone for Christmas, and you better believe they end up getting the same (or something similar!) for them. Or, they call me up the next day and say "oh well I just decided to get that since I knew so and so wanted it".  Great, now I have to take the one I got them back. Merry Christmas :P

8. Non-washable markers. Enough said.

9. Candy. Did I mention candy already?

10. Anything that we tell you NOT to get.

Our wish this year is that, if you want to buy more than suggested, please send those toys and items to families in the community which need them. There are so many hurting and broken families right within our own neighborhoods and towns -- please don't forget that your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews may be the more fortunate ones. If you love to give, give the extras to the families who may not have a very 'Merry Christmas' this year. Bless them! Don't overload the kids who already have everything (and more than) that they need. Not that there's anything wrong with having an abundance of toys etc. But maybe this year, we should focus on giving to and blessing others, not just ourselves and our families. <3   
During this beautiful season, let's not forget the real reason that we're celebrating. I don't want my children to grow up thinking presents are the only exciting thing about Christmas <3 I want to instill giving into their little souls, so that it comes naturally all year long.


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