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Happy November! | Thankful Tree

I recently saw a post on Pinterest about creating a "Thankful Tree" for the month of November. I absolutely fell in love with the idea, especially since we started part-time preschool in August. My little guy LOVES hands-on activities and crafts, so this one was going to be the bomb-diggity....I just knew it.

Today we created our leaves and our tree trunk/branches. It was quite easy, only took about an hour (you could probably knock it out in 30 mins without a toddler!)Click here to

Here's what you'll need.
13 pieces of colorful construction paper (red, yellow, green, etc. These will make the leaves)  
5-8 pieces of brown construction paper (for the tree trunk/branches -- it just depends on how large you want the tree. We used 5 pieces)
Leaf template (click here for template) 
Glue Stick 
and 1 ounce of patience

NOTE: It would be best to print and cut out most of the leaves before you have your toddler help. If you're doing this for older kids (5+) then they can certainly help you cut all of them out. However, we took this time to help develop better cutting skills, and it took MUCH longer, but was well worth it. So, if you have a toddler or a child who hasn't fully developed their scissor skills yet, make sure you cut out half of the leaves beforehand.

So, here we go.

Choose your colorful and fallish colored construction paper.
We chose orange, green, yellow, red, and some browns.

Turn on some Dean Martin Christmas music.
Yes, that's right, the good stuff.

Next, print out the leaf template (click here for template) on your construction paper.
My construction paper was a tad too wide, so I had to cut it in order for it to fit into my printer.

Set aside some time to either cut out all of the leaves while your little ones are napping or sleeping -- or, take the time and allow them to help you cut all of the leaves out. You'll need 22 leaves (for this year, 2012). You can double the sheets of paper up and cut multiple leaves at one time if you're in a hurry.

Next, you'll need to dust your artistic skills off to create a tree. I thought about making a template for this, but it was just as easy to make your own tree.
You'll need to tape/glue 4 pieces of construction paper together to make a large square, then place another piece at the top. Sketch on any type of tree that you'd like and cut it out. We used tape and glue stick -- we taped first, then put glue under the edges to help hold everything down.

Once you're happy with your little tree trunk, tape (or tacky it) to the wall

Now you can place the blank leaves at the bottom of the tree.

Each day of November you'll take one blank leaf, write the date, and write down one thing that your child is thankful for. Of course, your child must tell you what they are thankful for ;)

thankful tree 2013

Jr had a little help today as this isn't just a 'fun' project, it's also a learning experience. Today, we learned about priorities, and that no matter what we're doing or how much fun we're having, Jesus is to always come first. So, today, November 1, we're thankful for Jesus. We're thankful that God sent His Son to us to die on a cross so that we could live with Him forever. We're thankful for our spiritual freedom in this country, and even though we have spiritual freedom, we choose to worship the one true King.

He's already thinking of things to be thankful for tomorrow. But it melts my heart every time he runs into his bedroom and says, "Mommy!! Today I'm thankful for Jesus!!" <3

I hope that you'll take the time this November to do a special project everyday that involves your children and family -- something that reminds them just how many things we have to be thankful for! Whether you work full-time, part-time, are a homemaker, or even if you don't have children -- take some time to create that special project, maybe even a thankful tree :) I promise, it will bring a smile to your face every single day.

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