Redeem Yourself | Social Media

The Time Warp Wife always has a way of putting me in my place in the mornings and evenings when I read her blogs. And this morning, I needed to read her blog -- even if it is a guest blog post.

I was cranky, tired, and knew that my day was about to become one of the most hectic days of the year. Deadlines, blogs to write, photos to take, a house to try and clean up with a 3-yr-old toddler running around.  I couldn't help but want to 'vent' to know, that place you post your stupid thoughts and feelings that no one gives a flying hoot about? Yep, that facebook. I also couldn't help but want to tell a few people to GROW UP!! and GET A JOB!! or OH MY WORD YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS HORRIBLE?! TRY HAVING BOOGERS WIPED ON YOU EVERY 5 MINUTES!!

No, my life isn't horrible, it is anything but horrible. I'm am a very blessed woman with an awesome husband, child, dog (well, sometimes), home and life. Drowning in the perfect grace of my beautiful Savior.

But yes, they should really get a job and grow up....

Anyway, I read this blog post this morning called 8 Ways to Redeem Social Media on the Time Warp Wife's Titus 2sdays post. And I hope that you will read it as well!!

Click here to read.

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