Yes, Dinosaurs. Let's talk about them.

You see, there are just some things that Christian moms have to go through that non-christian (and evolution believing) moms don't have to go through.
Nothing against you guys, but seriously, you have it easy in today's society.

Example #1
In the beginning of every Land Before Time movie, we have to explain to our children that Dinosaurs didn't exist over 50 bazillion years ago. In fact, I'm secretly still not convinced that they existed at all, at least not in the way that society portrays it.

This then begins the "why? why... why? why...." reaction. Which can sometimes last longer than the stupid dinosaur movie itself.

Example #2
Whenever we visit a museum or aquarium, we have to correct the guide or simply say to our children that those monkeys did not turn into humans and that turtles didn't used to be birds. Or, whatever they were....

Again, this starts the "why" reaction as well as "but the tour guide said...." I don't care what the tour guide said, listen to me!!

Example #3
Yes, you can correct your teacher when she tries to tell you evolution is truth. You can politely say "Mrs. so-and-so, I'm sorry, but that is incorrect. Evolution is a theory, not a fact"

*rolls eyes* "Mom, you're so embarrassing."
Your child comes home with a pink slip because they were sent to the principals office for arguing with the teacher.
I prefer the later.

....the list goes on.

And that's my random thought for the day.....

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