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The recent Chic-fil-a drama

As pretty much the entire world knows at this point -- the president of Chic-fil-a (aka the best fried chicken sandwich on the planet), made a statement of his own personal faith and the principals that his company stands on and behind.

Many Christians (and many non-Christians) have stood behind the company and showed their support during "Chic-fil-a Appreciation Day" yesterday. And many other Christians and non-Christians who disagreed with Chic-fil-a attacked social media and networks with their idea that chic-fil-a is evil and should be shut down. Many believed Chic-fil-a was simply using their right to the first amendment, others felt they were being hateful. Click here to

But the facts are simple:
A Christian man who owns a Christian company that was founded on Christian principles, who is closed on Sundays to observe the Christian Sabbath, was asked the question, "Do you believe in gay marriage", by a Christian newspaper, and he gave his honest Christian answer because that's what he believes and that's his right. He's a Christian. And the entire world blew up. Why? Because they got offended that a huge prosperous company such as his would dare breath such a thing. What a hater. A hater who employees homosexuals and doesn't condemn them. But simply believes in the sanctity of marriage.

I'll admit, I've allowed myself to get into this more than I should. I wanted to support the best fried chicken sandwich in the world yesterday, but the line was wrapped around the building, and with a hungry 2 yr old...that's just not happenin'. So instead, I said, "thank you!" as we drove by, and I will be sure to get my chicken sandwich tonight when the lines aren't so long.

But through out this entire debate between Christians and non-Christians (or, people who think they're Christians), democrats and republicans, left wings and right wings....I've learned something.

I've learned that when my son is my age, he's going to have to deal with this 10 times worse than I do now.
I've learned that when he makes a public statement of his faith in 40 years, he might get persecuted, even unto death for it.

I've learned that when he turns 21 and tells his friends that he doesn't want to go out drinking because he doesn't believe in getting drunk, he might lose all of them.

I've learned that when he's an old man, the Bible may be banned in the United States of America.

I've learned that when he stands up for his beliefs throughout his entire life, no matter what age, he will be persecuted.

And I've learned that it's going to be ok. Why?
Because every night before I go to bed I pray for his safety, his guidance, his protection, his future, his walk with Christ, his boldness, and that his love for our Savior will not be shaken, no matter what life throws his way.
I take comfort in knowing that God is doing a work in me, and not only is He doing a work in me, He is allowing me to teach my child the boldness that He needs to survive in the future. He's allowing me to show my child that what is in the Bible is true and perfect, and that we shouldn't just believe and practice the parts we 'like'. He's allowing me to teach my child that standing up for what you believe in is a necessity -- that today's church, and the future church, need to hear the truth rather than sugar coat it. In love, yes. But even Jesus offended the multitudes.

So that is why I'll teach him the scriptures. That is why I'll teach him to never let down his guard when he knows it goes against the Bible and God's word. That is why I will teach him, that even though this world may persecute him, there is a Savior standing behind him....mighty and strong to defend.
And even if one day the world becomes as dark as dark can be, and he finds himself losing his life for Jesus...what an amazing day that will be. No greater love, than a man to lay down his life for his friend.
Paul witnessed to the Roman guards that he was chained to while in jail. He could've said, "oh dear Lord, please get me out of here." But instead, he delighted in the place God put him, and had he not of been chained to those Roman guards, Europe would've never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tonight, we will dine on fried chicken sandwiches from Chic-fil-a.
Because they're yummy.
And there isn't a single person that's going to tell this momma that we can't.

"That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:10

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