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Preschool Homechooling Links

While school is starting (or has already started) for many children who attend public school, school is also in session (or getting ready to be) for most homeschoolers as well.

I attended public school up through 9th grade, when my parents took me out of public and placed me in a very small (25 kids tops) private Christian school. In fact, it was basically homeschool with 3 lovely women there to help you if you need it. We used the A.C.E. (accelerated christian education) curriculum and I loved it. I learned more in the remaining 3 yrs of my schooling than I did in the first 10!

So it is that I knew that I very much wanted to home school my little guy when the time came. He will be turning 3 at the end of the week, and we've been doing random toddler/preschool things since the beginning of July. Of course, he's learned colors and shapes beforehand, but we still go over them to help refresh his memory. Click here to

While I'm not too up to date on older children's curriculum's, I'm becoming quite knowledgeable when it comes to a toddler!! :)

If you're anything like me, you had no clue where to start with your preschooler. Some probably think I'm starting him too early, but the good thing about homeschooling is that if he doesn't show interest, I don't push it. Several weeks ago I started doing the alphabet with him. He didn't show much interest. Now, just 3 weeks later, he is showing a LOT of interest. So we've started back up again.

Let's keep in mind that with a toddler (or any aged child, really), you'll need to find out what their learning style is. Each child has a different learning style, and figuring out what that is early will be helpful as they grow and get older. When learning shapes and colors, we used flash cards. We then moved onto an activity book. At first, he liked the activity book (mainly because of the 'newness), but I realized that he wasn't paying attention as well. Almost as if it bored him. So we switched back to the flash cards and he loved it. I had his full undivided attention. Knowing this, I picked up a $1 package of Alphabet flash cards at Target 2 weeks ago. We started out doing the alphabet with coloring sheets, which me loves, but he also finds boring. When I brought out the flashcards, he was ready to learn, full undivided attention. He also learns better when we do an alphabet coloring sheet along with an activity.

This week we are relearning the letter 'A'. Notice I said 'week'. We don't do a different letter everyday, we take an entire week to learn about it. So today's activities will go like this.

I took the liberty of printing off free alphabet coloring sheets (link below) the other day from a website I found on pinterest. Today we will do a letter 'A' coloring sheet with a bible verse on it. This week we will also learn the bible verse. As soon as we are done with the letter 'A', we will do a fun activity. Today's activity will be creating an apple out of construction paper.

Like this:
The link to this tutorial from another blog is here.

However, we will be using glue sticks, not liquid glue. We also won't be using a paper plate. We'll be using an apple outline on a piece of paper with the letter 'A' beside it. I will most like create the sheet myself. Once we are completed with the activity, we'll let it dry and the hang it on a designated wall in his room (where he also has his school desk). Our goal is to have the entire alphabet hung in his room so that he can see then as reminders. I haven't decided yet, but we may do this for ever letter, along with other activities. If that's the case, I will probably create my own letter sheets for these particular activities, which I will then post on here as a free printable.

It is up to each individual parent, but we only do preschool 3 days a week, and each day is something different. Depending on your schedule and if you work at home or don't work at all, you would start with the letter introduction on Monday or Tuesday. We start on Tuesday, simply because it is a down "work" day for me, and because sometimes we're still recouping from the weekend and taking Monday as a "cleaning" day.

we do letter introduction, coloring page, and one activity to stimulate the mind and help him remember the letter clearly (ex, the apple).
we do color, shape and alphabet flash cards, along with a scavenger hunt in the house (this is basically just "find things that are squares" or "find things that are yellow" etc). We also take this time to do a fun activity such as painting or music. Each child has a different interest, help them grow it now!
we re-cap with our letter, trace the letter in our Mead preschool book, and go over our flash cards again. Depending on the day, we'll do another fun craft. We also use this day to clean the house and help learn how to do everyday life things. One of the best things you can teach your child is how to help around the house and to also help themselves.
Everyday we go over numbers from 1-10 and 1-20, for now. We do counting activities each school day. He also enjoys the Leap Frog videos for counting and the alphabet. I'm convinced he's learned how to count just by watching Leap Frog. Again, it's something fun for him and gives him songs and riddles to remember with numbers. We also read almost daily, though something I've been slacking on!

Depending on the day, we will do pre-writing activities, but not everyday.

You may notice that we haven't started phonics or anything like that. We are saving those things for kindergarten. All too often public school systems (and some parents) overload children with too  many learning activities at one time. I can't imagine having to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, phonics and writing all at the same time. And I wouldn't suggest pushing it unless your child shows interest while in preschool. And even if they show interest, they may lose it, never push it. With that said, I do say "aa -- apple". But we are not actively learning phonics, and we aren't pushing writing until we learn pre-writing activities and get our coordination down. He becomes frustrated and at times just flat out bored when trying to draw letters.

Here are a few links to free printables, things that we enjoy doing right now for preschool, and links to the products that we use (flash cards etc).

Mead Preschool Workbook (can order online from Walmart or Target, or you can usually find it in the store)

Mead Flashcards (numbers, colors, shapes, and scavenger hunt)

Dr. Seuss Alphabet Cards -- I don't have a link for these as I found them in the $1 bin at Target. I can't seem to find the particular ones I bought online. But there are others online that you can purchase, or you can purchase the mead abc flash cards.

ABC Bible Verse Flash Cards -- printable abc flash cards with bible verses on them.

Preschool Writing Patterns (pre-writing) -- lines etc that your little one can use to learn how to trace and create lines.

Printable Alphabet Color Pages -- simple coloring pages with one letter and one picture. Ex: B and Bee

Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages with Bible songs/verses

Leap Frog Numberland DVD
Leap Frog Numbers Ahoy DVD
Leap Frog The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park DVD

You can view more helpful homeschooling tips and activities on our Homeschooling Pinterest page as well as our regular Boogers & Jesus Pinterest page.

If you are a working mother who isn't able to stay home with your children or who hasn't made that leap of faith yet, these are still things that you can do with your little one! Even taking 30 minutes out of every day or evening can give you that one on one time with your child while they learn from you, their very first teacher.

If you have any suggestions or would like to share your daily preschool schedule (along with activities and links!) please feel free to comment and share -- we're always looking for new and exciting things!

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