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Organization & Priorities

I got a job in the media industry (newspapers, magazines, etc) straight out of high school and I've been working in it ever since. When my husband and I decided it was was time that we start trying for a baby, our goal was for him to find a new job -- something more stable and had a good salary so that I could quit my job.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

We had just bought our own home, invested in 2 adorable labs (and a beagle, at the time), and the economy just flat out sucked. Click here to

So it was with a heavy and sad heart that I had to go back to work after our son was born. My very first day back to work, I knew that I couldn't do this again with any future children we may have. I wanted to be in my child's life. I wanted to be a mom -- I wanted to enjoy motherhood. I wanted to be able to homeschool and teach him myself, especially when it comes to God. So, I made it my goal to be a stay at home mom, or at least be a work at home mom, before he started kindergarten. And my husband and I have been working our behind's off ever since then to make that dream come true.

You can imagine my excitement when (after much prayer!) I took the leap of faith the beginning of this past July and started working from home. I had to take a pay cut, but it was worth it. And God has completely been blessing us in so many ways, especially financially. If you take that leap of faith that you know God is calling you to take, just believe that He will take care of you and bless you....because He will!! I am currently working from home 4 days a week (work days, I'm off Saturday and Sunday) and work in the office for a few hours on Fridays. I also own my own photography business which is steady but not overwhelming. This allows me to be home and work at the same time as well. When I go to a session, my little one can stay with his daddy most of the time since the sessions are in the evening.

But being a work at home mom has its pros and cons.

  • I get to be home and spend more time with my little one.
  • I get to keep up with housework during the day instead of having to wait until the evenings to do it.
  • I get to teach my little one and start preschool etc early with him.
  • I get to work out!!!! I get to exercise every day and even have an exercise buddy.
  • I have more time to focus on my photography business and professional blogging.

  • I get to be home with my screaming whiney "look at me I neeeeed Youuuu nowww!!!" little one.
  • Housework gets done, most of the time, but it doesn't look like it half of the time since unfolding laundry is just so much fun for a toddler.
  • We're slowly learning what "shhhh, I'm on the phone" means when I'm making calls to potential clients.
  • I am so disorganized....sooooo disorganized. My days run together. My mind can't remember what time it is, none the less what day it is. I have an extremely hard time trying to get everything done -- between housework and my actuall paying jobs.
  • I can't focus on finishing a project when there's housework to be done (mainly laundry....I hate laundry) and a dog in the corner throwing up.......and a toddler learning that there's a hole in the front of his underwear for him to pee out of.....all over mommy's bathroom rug.....5 times a day.

As you can see, being a SAHM or WAHM isn't all rainbows and butterflies like some people think it may be.

So, it is now that I talk to you about priorities and my slow journey to becoming more organized with my time. I can imagine there are plenty of SAH/WAHM's who will relate to this and maybe benefit from it as well.

  1. First and foremost, my child is my top priority (after God and my husband of course). The computer and house work will get done (if I make myself do it). But my child needs one on one time with mommy. He needs to learn, he needs to grow, and he needs to be taught. He of course needs food and drink too....let's not forget the important things!!
  2. Next, my paying jobs. They do, after all, pay the bills. I need to schedule a set amount of time to devote to them every single day of the work week.
  3. Housework. I'd like to think I pepper my housework in between my computer work. But this is a big chore for me.
I found this nifty House Cleaning Schedule printable from the Time-Warp Wife's website and it is exactly what I need to help keep me on track. However, I found myself changing my days around and needing to add things through out my week. So, I've created a new schedule that I'll share with you. If you have photoshop, you'll be able to manipulate the days and work week as well so that it fits better with YOUR life.

Click here to download the photoshop file
Click here to download the PDF file.

You'll get a funky thing saying "cannot scan for viruses, file too large"..but you can push download anyway. I promise, there are no viruses!

Otherwise, I'd just suggest you print off the schedule on the Time Warp Wife's page as it is more generic.

I also found a nifty meal planner from "Life in Yellow" blog, pictured below.
Click here for the printable.

So this is what my refrigerator in the kitchen looks like right now.

Daily Housekeeping schedule on left. Meal planner in center. And Chris Powell's Smart Food chart on the right. If you don't know who Chris Powell is, he is the trainer on "Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition"....love that show!! This helps me know what portions are best when I'm eating as well. Gotta lose some of this belly fat!

Now that I have it in writing, I feel more organized. The meal planner definitely helps as well, as grocery shopping is one of my biggest mishaps.
Last week was my very first week doing the housekeeping schedule, and it made life much easier.

Amidst all of this, my biggest challenge of all has been making time for God. And in fact, this should be my very biggest priority. Don't forget to "pencil" God and devotional times into your day -- not only for you, but for and with your children as well! It really does make a difference in our attitudes and helps us along the way in getting all of our daily chores done.

Our biggest goal is to teach our children by being a witness to them...even with the laundry :)

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