Laundry is evil

I am convinced that laundry came along with the curse of eating that apple. Blast you, Eve!!!

But the sad fact is that laundry is just another one of those things that needs to be done.

Unfortunately, this is me......
Oh sure, I totally 'lol'd when I saw this on facebook the other night. I said to myself, "self, this is totally you...and clearly other women are just like you!" But then I remembered how frustrated my husband gets when he can't find a matching pair of socks. And how frustrated I get when I can't find his matching pair of socks after he gives up. I've pulled the, "well, you know, lint is just the remains of the socks that our dryer murders...and there certainly was a lot of lint in this load," one too many times. Click here to

So it is with a sad and heavy heart that I tell you today, that all of the laundry I washed this folded *cringe*. That's right, I folded it all. And I plan on folding it all every single day that I wash laundry. Even if that means having to stop everything I'm doing when that dreaded beeper goes off on the dryer and immediately pull it all out and fold it. Of course, I know this isn't going to be an easy task for me. Why? Because I've NEVER liked doing laundry and I was never made to do laundry growing up.

Now that I'm home all of the time, I have more time to keep up with laundry and, in all reality, it should be washed, dried, and folded before 2pm in the afternoon. HOWEVER, I have an almost 3 year old toddler who thinks that destroying everything mommy does is hilarious. Right along with pulling his pants down and rubbing his adorable little nasty stinky behind all over me and then running away while giggling uncontrollably. I can thank his father, my lovely handsome burly husband, for teaching him that.

My normal routine is to wash and dry clothes while Junior is awake in the morning, and pray my little heart out that he'll take a nap in the afternoon so that I can fold them, without 'help'. However, this isn't always a guarantee, because apparently Junior is very entertaining to God as well, and He doesn't want the show to end. So we've decided to find a few things that help us both out while trying to fold laundry if he's awake.

1. Wait until daddy gets home. But then, Daddy distracts mommy and the laundry doesn't get done. Scratch this...

2. Let him help. Hmm, this, I originally thought, was a HORRIBLE idea! But, it works for about 10 mins....until the washcloths are all folded (because, that boy can fold some washcloths, let me tell you) and he says "lets try again!!" and throws them into the air to make them 'un-folded' again....along with mommy's underwear and daddy's t-shirts. But hey, it's a temporary fix...

3. Fold laundry on mommy and daddy's bed. Apparently mommy and daddy's bed is the throne of all thrones, so he enjoys sitting and playing on it since we rarely let him in there by himself. He can bring some toys with him and sit for a little while. He would sit there through a normal load of laundry, but not through the 5 loads a day I've been folding while trying to play 'catch up'.

4. Put Diego on and lock myself in the bedroom. Ok, not really. But you get the point. Our house isn't huge, so Junior can watch a show in the living room while I'm in our bedroom or another part of the house. Even if it's the kitchen table. I'm 100% against allowing the tv to babysit my child. With that said, putting on an educational show while I fold laundry is a God send. He can come and go as he pleases, but he normally just comes to check on me.

#4 is our best bet, and I'll tell you why it works. Junior rarely gets to watch tv during the day. He's either 'helping' me around the house, playing with his bazillion toys in his room or the living room, or doing 'school' work with me. He'll watch 2 shows a day, tops. At least until daddy gets home...and then it's the news. We normally watch a LeapFrog video (numbers, alphabet, etc) or his new favorite, Diego. Because I don't allow him to sit in front of the TV all day, TV becomes a luxury. It becomes a "cool" thing, and something that captures his attention when it's on.

This is something I struggled with when I first became a mom. I'd put the tv on as background noise while he was in his swing or laying on his floor mat. I remember the day that I walked into the living room and saw him actually watching the tv (he was about 6 months old), and the movie trailer for a horror movie was about halfway finished. I immediately flipped the tv off and said, "never again".

As parents, it is our responsibility to control what our children see and hear, and understand and protect them from the things that could taint their minds. Mark 4:24 says, "Consider carefully what you hear,” he continued. 'With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.'" Children are so easily influenced, as are adults, and while I don't think my 3 yr old is going to go all super freak on someone, I do feel like this is a crucial time in his learning development. I'm also a true believer that if your child shouldn't be watching something, neither should you. But, this is easier said than done...

One on one time with mommy or daddy is the best way for Junior to learn. TV should be a secondary choice. It's still very easy for me to get distracted with the internet, cleaning, or just doing other things through out the day, that I forget about the tv being on. Or some days I just don't want to be bothered. It's during these moments that I need to lean on my Savior. I need to remember that right now, in this moment, I'm being a witness to my child -- is it Christ like? I'm being one of the biggest learning tools he'll ever use and learn from. Am I providing him with enough knowledge to pass the test?

Something to think that I'm on a bunny trail.

The conclusion is, laundry is evil (in my own mind). But I'm so thankful that I've been blessed with laundry to fold, a washer and dryer that works, and a patient husband who's still looking for his socks, because he doesn't believe me when I tell them they're in his drawer.

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