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Homestead Cooking | Homemade Yeast Rolls

I started my very first job when I was a teenager in high school. It wasn't some elaborate thing that I wanted. I had big plans in my head of what I wanted to be, and baking wasn't it. But never-the-less, it was an income for me to spend frivolously. And later in life I'd come to find that I would enjoy it more than I realized. My very first job was working in a little Mennonite specialty store and bakery in my hometown -- it was called The Farmer's Wife

I could sit here and tell you that everything I learned when it comes to cooking came from my mom and grandma, but I'd be lying. You see, most of what I learned came directly from that little country store and the wonderful women that worked within it. But this particular recipe came from a beautiful Mennonite woman who I cherish deeply. She loves her family more than you could imagine. She truly is a Proverbs 31 woman, and she is inspiring even when she doesn't realize it.

Homemade Honey Wheat Bread

I love bread, but my body does not. However, I still have two boys in my house that love bread even more than I do. They could eat some type of bread every single night with dinner and they would be the happiest little things in the whole wide world. 

Because of that, I'm constantly trying new recipes or perfecting and experimenting with old ones. My body seems to tolerate whole wheat flour than the all purpose flour, so this past week I decided to use my regular yeast bread and roll recipe, but exchange the white flour for whole wheat (or a mixture of the two), and honey in place of the raw organic sugar. The outcome was deliciousness overload.

Our Homestead Management Binder

I am a planner by nature, but implementing my plans is a completely different story. As the new year comes closer, one of my top goals is to be more organized in the new year. After all, I’m planning a huge homesteading conference in October—I better be prepared and well planned! Taking on such a huge task, however, has shown me how much more I need to be organized on my homestead. And being organized is simply not my strong point in life.

When my husband asks me “how much did we harvest this year” or “how much money did we spend on the chickens”, I literally look at him with a blank stare all while thinking did you really think I kept up with that?! I’m horrible. I could throw a number off my head, but I’d probably be hundreds of dollars off….in both directions. I can tell you the initial start up cost of our homestead, and that’s about it. The yearly stuff? I’m just wingin’ it!

You can see my dilemma. My first issue is telling myself I simply don’t have the time to keep track. But the reality is that if I want a successful homestead that isn’t a money pit, I need to keep track of all of our expenses, what we’ve bought and sold, how many eggs we’ve collected in one year versus chicken feed, how many rabbits we processed, and more. Convincing myself that it only takes 3 extra minutes out of my entire day has proven to be daunting.

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My 2017 New Year Goals for Homestead &Life

Last year's goals were pretty awesome. I honestly didn't have too many goals for last year. And all but 2 or 3 of them, I accomplished. I like to set realistic goals for myself, and then a few crazy ones just to make it fun. 

I don't do the whole "lose 30 lbs" resolution and such. Each year, my goal is to become a healthier version of myself. And each year, I slowly accomplish that. And that's good enough for me!

But what I do like to do is set goals—homestead goals, professional goals, and personal goals. All of them, ultimately, go hand in hand, after all. 

This new year is a year of shift. I can feel it. And typically, in years of "shift", chaos precedes it. The year 2016 started off grand, but very quickly began to spiral out of control for me. My job switched around a lot, my time was wasted on certain issues and people, my health was a little wonky, I lost friends (or who I thought were friends), but I gained even better ones, and my emotions ran high this year, big time. 

It's the cycle of life. Every few years we all go through these cycles, and it's because we're growing. Often, in order to grow, you have to leave the "dead" behind so that you can take on the new. 

New job. New friends. New projects. New interactions. New travel. New adventures. New new new. 

It's not a bad thing. In life, I've learned to embrace it instead of pity myself because of it. When we realize that dead things must go before new things can grow, we are more thankful for the trying times in our lives.