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(Video) The Lehman's Chicken Coop and Brooder

We were in the market for a new outdoor chick brooder and decided to try out the chicken coop from Lehman's! We really enjoy this coop as our outdoor brooder. It also works amazingly well as a rabbit hutch and for just a couple of chickens as a breeding pen.

You can watch the full length video here...

Raising Our Girls to Be Leaders

My Dad didn't get saved until I was about 5 or so years old. If you remember your beginning walk as a Christian, you know that it takes a long time before you find that groove that you feel comfortable in. Because he was growing and learning each and everyday, I vividly remember him scratching up his Bible, and a year later, that Bible falling apart because it had been read so much. 

My Dad is a researcher...a doer...a leader. Of course, he didn't always do things the right way, and he still makes mistakes like everyone else. But as a teenager, I can remember thinking, one day I want to marry a man just as devoted to Christ as my dad.

Unfortunately, girls can be so focused on finding the perfect guy, that they forget they must be trained to be the "perfect" girl. But what does that look like? Honestly, in today's society, raising a girl scares the heck out of me for multiple reasons. And I don't even have a girl! Between men thinking they can boss women around (yes, even my generation!), to girls being all out extreme feminists....I think we need to take a step back for a second and put everything into perspective here.

Using Astragalus to Boost Your Chicken's Immune System

When you first begin your homesteading adventure, you typically begin with the gateway animal—chickens. Chickens are some of the most entertaining of livestock that you can have. They offer eggs each day (or almost each day), a cute egg song, and a beautiful scene across your landscape when, and if, they free range. There's nothing quite as beautiful as chickens in their free ranging element. 

But what happens when you start realizing that chickens can also be the most complex animal on the homestead, especially when it comes to their health?

{Video} | Be Authentic

I recently discovered a well known author copied my web ad for my book, along with various other things on their website. In the modern world, we run into a lot of this. But it's not just copy cats. In fact, I'd venture to say we deal more with comparison and insecurities, and that's why these things happen in westernized culture. 

Join me with a cup of coffee as I sit down and do a quick pep talk about being authentic, real, and true to yourself!

Elderberry + Astragalus Herbal Syrup for Colds and Immunity

We read blog after blog claiming things like elderberry syrup, fire cider, and some type of tonic all help to reduce cold and flu symptoms. My favorite misconception is that echinacea is a preventative to catching the common cold and flu. while in reality, clinical studies have been shown that echinacea does not, at all, prevent anything. However, it is a great herb once you get sick, and helps lessen the symptoms and length of the cold or flu. Just make sure you don't take it if you have a ragweed allergy, because you'll make yourself ten times worse.

So what happens when you spend hundreds of dollars in all of these herbs and then, they don't work? Well, I'll tell you what—your husband looks at you and bans you from ordering herbs off the internet for the next 6 months.

I kid...kind of.

Choosing to Be Thankful

Every year my social media outlets are flooded with statuses and photos each day of November, expressing why someone is thankful and what they are thankful for. It's fun to scroll through and see happiness and gratitude—more so than normal. Some people talk about their spouse and children. Some people are thankful for their farm and animals. Other's are thankful for political figures or awards. And there is joy and happiness, and there is thankfulness and blessing. 

During the holiday seasons, you have two different types of people. The happy and joyful, and the angry and depressed. I would venture to say that I see just as many statuses expressing the stress of the holidays as I do gratifying them. And that's ok too. Why? Because it proves that we are still human living in a fallen world. I would venture to say that the people in the second group are even more real than some of the ones in the first. They are raw, they are broken, they are hurting. Does it mean they have to be Debbie Downers? Not at all. But with a listening ear, and a compassionate heart, you might just react differently than scrolling past in annoyance.

We have this ultimate decision though, every single day of our lives. We see gratitude and thankfulness during the end of the year holidays, but what about the other ten months out of the year?

What does your life look like after the holiday rush?

What attitude do you choose to live with in the Springtime when your child brings home a bad report card? What attitude do you choose to have when your plans don't go the way you imagined them to go? Do you have a grateful heart when your spouse doesn't meet your expectations? Do you have a compassionate heart when your child is in the middle of the biggest temper tantrum of his life?

Are you in a state of gratefulness when the bills aren't paid, when the floors aren't mopped, or when someone just rubs you the wrong way?