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{Video} | Be Authentic

I recently discovered a well known author copied my web ad for my book, along with various other things on their website. In the modern world, we run into a lot of this. But it's not just copy cats. In fact, I'd venture to say we deal more with comparison and insecurities, and that's why these things happen in westernized culture. 

Join me with a cup of coffee as I sit down and do a quick pep talk about being authentic, real, and true to yourself!

Elderberry + Astragalus Herbal Syrup for Colds and Immunity

We read blog after blog claiming things like elderberry syrup, fire cider, and some type of tonic all help to reduce cold and flu symptoms. My favorite misconception is that echinacea is a preventative to catching the common cold and flu. while in reality, clinical studies have been shown that echinacea does not, at all, prevent anything. However, it is a great herb once you get sick, and helps lessen the symptoms and length of the cold or flu. Just make sure you don't take it if you have a ragweed allergy, because you'll make yourself ten times worse.

So what happens when you spend hundreds of dollars in all of these herbs and then, they don't work? Well, I'll tell you what—your husband looks at you and bans you from ordering herbs off the internet for the next 6 months.

I kid...kind of.

Choosing to Be Thankful

Every year my social media outlets are flooded with statuses and photos each day of November, expressing why someone is thankful and what they are thankful for. It's fun to scroll through and see happiness and gratitude—more so than normal. Some people talk about their spouse and children. Some people are thankful for their farm and animals. Other's are thankful for political figures or awards. And there is joy and happiness, and there is thankfulness and blessing. 

During the holiday seasons, you have two different types of people. The happy and joyful, and the angry and depressed. I would venture to say that I see just as many statuses expressing the stress of the holidays as I do gratifying them. And that's ok too. Why? Because it proves that we are still human living in a fallen world. I would venture to say that the people in the second group are even more real than some of the ones in the first. They are raw, they are broken, they are hurting. Does it mean they have to be Debbie Downers? Not at all. But with a listening ear, and a compassionate heart, you might just react differently than scrolling past in annoyance.

We have this ultimate decision though, every single day of our lives. We see gratitude and thankfulness during the end of the year holidays, but what about the other ten months out of the year?

What does your life look like after the holiday rush?

What attitude do you choose to live with in the Springtime when your child brings home a bad report card? What attitude do you choose to have when your plans don't go the way you imagined them to go? Do you have a grateful heart when your spouse doesn't meet your expectations? Do you have a compassionate heart when your child is in the middle of the biggest temper tantrum of his life?

Are you in a state of gratefulness when the bills aren't paid, when the floors aren't mopped, or when someone just rubs you the wrong way?

White Pumpkin Pie

Every year we go to a local pumpkin patch up the road from our house. Each year, this sweet old man tells us about his pumpkins. Tells us about how the deer ate half of them again this year. He tells about the little pumpkins, the big pumpkins, the giant pumpkins, the gourds, the weather....but the best part? He tells us the secret to his favorite pumpkin pie. 

He's used all the pumpkin varieties he has on his property to make pumpkin pie. But he leaned down this year and whispered, you know what makes the BEST pumpkin pie? The white pumpkins.

Ahh, and there it was. The secret of all secrets. I chuckled and thought, yeah right, white pumpkins. But deep down inside, I wanted to know if this fella really knew what he was talking about. 

What Living A Simple Life Has Taught me

I get to wake up to a rooster crowing every single morning. How amazing is that? Not many people are rewarded that luxury in life. Some would argue that it's even a luxury at all. But there are many areas and places that don't even allow backyard chickens anymore. I'm thankful for my rooster, even when he's crowing at 4 a.m.

I get to wake up and make lunch for my husband, even when I don't feel like getting up early. I get to send him off to work knowing he'll have food to eat if he gets stuck on a job site. I make breakfast for my son, get a little work done, clean my home (though I so lack at this), make a hearty farm fresh dinner in the Summertime, and say prayers at night.

I know how to crochet, bake bread, cook from scratch, start a fire in the woodstove, cook over wood heat, put up a chicken run, butcher livestock, plant and preserve a garden, make herbal remedies, and take time to enjoy the good Lord in the quiet moments...coffee not optional. 

The simple life. It's not always so simple, but my goodness, does it teach us things beyond skill-sets and how to cook. It teaches us lifetime character traits and to leave nonsense behind. Here's what living a simple life has taught me, and is still teaching me.

The Lost Skill of Parenting

I felt strongly that this post needed to be written. I fully expect adverse reactions, guilt, rudeness, and insensitivity to transpire, but my prayer is that all would take a step back and understand what state our country is in right now. My intention isn't to start an uproar, but to cause a fire to stir in your heart.

We don't talk about this topic often enough, and I was terrified to publish it. I had at least 6 colleagues and friends look over it before even considering to share it.

Please know that my heart on this subject is not to talk about medicating ourselves and our children, but making our society realize that there is something very wrong in our country right now, and I truly believe it starts at home.

With that said....let's begin....

I recently read a report that alerted the reader to the declining fertility rate in the United States. I don't like that term, "fertility rate". It makes it sound as though some of us are choosing not to have children. I think I'd be more concerned with the infertility rate, meaning, how many women can't have children because they are infertile due to genetics, chemicals, free radicals, toxins, and more. 

But that's not what this blog is about...

I went on to read about how women are choosing not to have babies, and how the country is in distress, scrambling to find an answer, because they are afraid there won't be enough children in the next generations to help take over the workforce when their elderly parents can no longer work. Also known as, "we're headed for economic collapse because we have a smaller population".

But that's just one part to this story....

The issue at hand here is something greater, I believe.

Could it be that we've simply forgotten how to parent?